New Ferry, Old Tricks – Part 1

Despite recent TV coverage which showed the victims of the 2017 New Ferry explosion showing some of that Dunkirk spirit in the face of adversity it would seem that our old adversary Wirral Council are doing everything they can to bayonet their ambitions to resurrect the devastated area.

We can tell that when the distressed victims of the New Ferry explosion are getting increasingly frustrated with Wirral Council and get in touch with us for help.

So kudos to newly elected Labour councillor Jo Bird who has put the New Ferry case  to new Labour ‘leader’ Cllr Pat Hackett :

Spot the wannabe politician as Hackett responds :

Dear Jo,

Thank you for the email. As I am sure you can imagine Cabinet members have a really busy agenda over the next few weeks, which includes policy and officer meetings and training.

Please be assured that New Ferry is high on our list of priorities.

We are due to debate a report in a months time around how to spend the £200,000 that was allocated by the previous Cabinet.

Given all the above I suggest we schedule any meeting for after the report has been discussed and a decision made around how to spend the funding.

As I said the report is due in one month, I will contact you again after this time.

Many thanks

Cllr Pat Hackett
Wirral Council – Leader
New Brighton Ward
Telephone: 07771972302

Wirral Leaks response :  The new ‘leader’ of Wirral Council likes underlining/patronising doesn’t he? Let’s call him ‘Patronising Pat’ from here on in shall we kids?

Feel free to call both of them on their mobiles btw. After all they both are public servants and should be directly answerable to the people of Wirral after all – and wouldn’t that be a refreshing change boys and girls? And what’s more you probably pay their phone bills anyway…

Part 2 tomorrow. Oh! it is tomorrow. Apologies – Part 2 on this slow moving but significant story will arrive shortly …



4 thoughts on “New Ferry, Old Tricks – Part 1

  1. Just called Pat but he was otherwise engaged.

    He’s given me permission to call him back one day next week.

    Here’s hoping he stays accessible, accountable and hasn’t blocked my phone number. Such an action would neither be open nor transparent.

    An issue I may bring up with him is something that predates the New Ferry explosion.

    It’s Wirral Council’s determination to flout central government guidance and stand in defiance of the rules on the publishing of Council newspapers.

    We ended up with quite a bad deal here: no money for New Ferry due to Tory, Central government spite AND the pisspoor Wirral View propaganda pamphlet dropping through our letterboxes without our permission and littering our domestic homesteads.

    • I’ve never received a copy of the Wirral View. Given the ever-increasing price of toilet paper, this is to be regretted.

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