A Farewell to Stressed Eric


Fat cat creams another top job.

Wirral Council’s loss is the Disclosure and Barring Service’s loss as Eric ‘Feeble’ Robinson jumps the sinking ship shortly after Wirral Council leader Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies. Read more New Chief Executive appointed for Disclosure and Barring Service

His new appointment was approved by Victoria Atkins, the secretary of state for Crime, Safeguarding and Vulnerability. Oh, the irony!

We’re wondering whether he’ll be on the same humungous salary he was on at Wirral Council ? Surely he wouldn’t have taken a pay cut – or was he that desperate to get out of what was becoming an increasingly untenable position as the power base of his political benefactors he’s protected the past few years begins slowly to be eroded?

Shortly after the DBS press release Stressed Eric sent an email to Wirral Council staff which was subsequently quoted in the Wirral Globe which must have been the basis for script he used when wooing the DBS crew . Needless to say there are some glaring omissions from his list of ‘achievements’ .

Inevitably the one word that isn’t omitted is ‘passionate’ which is compulsory for a public servant in pursuit of a lucrative gig.

“Making people safer is something I am passionate about, and I believe I have a successful track record.”

Really Eric ?  Yeah, just don’t mention the  Children’s Services Ofsted report and the fallout that followed… or the Stuart Halliday debacle … or the Wirralgate cover up.

In the interest of balance we will be discussing these issues (and more) in our tribute before he leaves later this summer but we’d like think we nailed him from the outset in our Wirral Leaks Welcomes Stressed Eric  post.

Finally is anyone keeping count of the Chief Executives that Wirral Council have had since 2012? Wirral Leaks offers a prize to the person who can name all of them (including acting and interim) who have held the poisoned chalice and sipped from the trough of plenty during this time.


18 thoughts on “A Farewell to Stressed Eric

  1. Has he smelt the weed emanating from victoria Atkins’ husband’s marijuana fields? A growing government scandal no one cares about when the minister for drugs can’t comment publicly on cannabis because her husband grows acres of it, purely medicinal of course. Not the same herby smoke emenating from Houlihans on a Friday night of course.

    • Armstrong had his hand in everything.. he purposely messed with investigations and was part of a nasty bullying trio .. senior councillors know too much and do way too little

  2. That job with the DBS was advertised 4 months ago. So he has applied, been interviewed, presented, smooth talked , been offered the job and accepted. All on our dime too.
    It would be nice to see the next CE live on the Wirral. Someone who knows what its like to live here

  3. Passionate! That used to be a word I could write, read, utter or bloody hear without any negative reaction to my fat face. Now, because of Common Purpose, Public Service officialdom and the slavish followers like Eric to their devilish satanic ideology, the bloody mention of the word makes my eczema flare up and makes me yearn to find the courage to murder myself inside a publicly funded Council building.

    As if that’s not bad enough they’ve managed to do the same with Safeguarding! The bastards. They’re essentially saying, ‘our only purpose in life is to serve you, keep you poor vulnerable sad bastards safe from all manner of fucking harm. And, we’re fucking passionate about doing it all for you’.

    The Bastards. I’d like to inherit a pack of hounds, ravenous vicious types, create myself the position of Master Of The Hunt and set the entire pursuing pack of bastard canines onto these passionate safeguarding parasitic tics that have managed to dig themselves into our flesh and then watch from atop my horse and joyously witness them showing me and me bloody dogs just how passionate they can become to keep themselves safe from my hounds who’s only purpose in life was to pursue, hunt, corner, attack and rip human flesh into tiny digestible pieces.

    Isn’t it awful that ‘they’ can move about and amongst us trotting out this mindless corporate bollocks and get very well paid for it. I genuinely despair!

  4. Perhaps Wirral Leaks could send the Minister details of how piss poor Eric has been whilst in charge here. On the other hand, if they review and withdraw the CEO post, we might have to keep him here!

  5. A few arses will be twitching now, times up for the leaches for the likes of Armstrong, Ball, Barrow, Smith watch this space you fuckers

  6. G’day Leaky

    Don’t tell me “Legweak” is going to get another gig as a fucking acting CEO.

    When I told the orrible little LIAR to get inside the Clown Hall with the rest of the shower of shite

    you know what he did Lordy?

    he went inside with the rest of the shower of shite.



    They are getting rid of the crud and dross slowly but hpw has this vile little man and Humpty Dumpty Ball survived this long??

    Luv yer Lad.

    Saw a photo of Bobster the other day Lordsville

    you can tell the man is a wonderful specimen through and through

    magnificence just glows out of every pore.

    Every Clowncillor should have a photo of the great man on their walls.



    • Tell us who you think it is then?

      I’ve been informed it’s a woman, close to Wirral doesn’t do much so will be accepted by all and fit in well, bring back Burgess. The horror stories are about to commence.

  7. Another nice pay off no doubt, what a waste of 4 years for Wirral, Never met a less charismatic person in such a well paid job, He never had the time of day to even say hello as you pass him leaky towers.

  8. Looks like Armstrong is on his way final terms being agreed for a quick getaway so the new council can form and be more transparent

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