The Mighty Quinn 3 – The Ties That Bind

You may have noticed that we’ve not been our usual prolific selves when it comes to reporting Wirral’s woes. To be frank – but not that Frank obvs – it takes an awful lot to rouse us from our sun lounger these days to wallow in the mire of Wirral’s filth.

However the Tom Quinn story,  the first two parts of which can be found here is of particular interest to us, mainly because we think of all the appalling errors of judgment that Birkenhead MP Frank Field has made over the years this is the one that potentially will cause the most damage to his personal crusade,  which as we all know is the glorification of Frank Field.

As further revelations of a bullying culture at St John Plessington Catholic College are played out in the local media the latest development is oh so predictable to readers of Wirral Leaks as Tom Quinn throws a hissyfit and resorts to that old familiar standby of an alleged bully which is ‘feigned victimhood’.

Inevitably Schools Week report that Former CEO pursues legal action against trust that ‘forced’ his resignation . This is standard practice for Field associates . Wreak havoc. Scream victim. And we’re having none of it…

Whilst Frankenfield has long aligned himself to proven bullies -as long as they worship at his shrine – what made us want to pursue this story further was this memorable quote on the matter from Field :

“As things unfold, we must try and understand why people have tried to bring down one of our great headmasters. The most important thing for me is to bind myself with Tom. I have never ever doubted his qualities, his brilliance in teaching, his honesty…”

Freud would have had a, erm, Field day with that quote. Bind yourself to Tom? Oh Frank , be careful what you wish for !…



12 thoughts on “The Mighty Quinn 3 – The Ties That Bind

  1. Dear me! Once again I’m drawn to this fella’s photographic image. I know what love is and I know when I see someone with the look of love on their face and that fella has it. That is a genuine look of love. Real love. Not desires of the flesh or the expression of one coveting a neighbours Ass. Real, real love.

    Note the dilated pupils. The lopsided smile and that look of ‘I’m far away with the fairies’ . it’s got all the hallmarks of love. Love! Unbridled love for everyone and anything including the fella that captured this photographic image. Frankly, it’s quite humbling and sweet to see this emotion etched across his face. Mind! One has to ask is it real love or love manufactured and endured by medication.

    I’ve seen this look many times. I’ve seen it in the Hospital Endoscopy Department where they pump you full of Rohypnol and then send a camera and it’s entire film crew down your osopheagus gullet to have a look around instead of leaving you be and minding their own business. Yes, without meeting the patient and basing my diagnosis on his photograph, I’m saying this fella definitely has been drugged, possibly deliberately with Rohypnol, a derivative of God knows what that compels the recipient to fall in love with everyone they encounter before you’ve been violated and at least 24 hours after the violation has ended.

    There’s no other explanation. Unless I’m wrong and he is performing on stage playing Simple Jack in Tropic Thunder, I can say with no certainty that this man has been drugged and it’s a crying shame that someone has done this and then taken a picture of his loved up face for the readers of the mighty Wirral Leaks.

    • G’day Bobley

      Great to hear you but even greater to see a photo of you last week.

      I think with this dude you have got the wrong orifice that STUFF was inserted.

      To me he looks like he went to caldy with “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” and who knows who slept on the top BUNK?

      If you asked “Philly” he’d lie anyway.

      Getting back to the more important you you you your photo oozes niceness, decency, honesty and LUV.



      I will be forever indebted to the great Bobster, “Highbrow” “Intie” Paul and Martin ……… no particular order.


      • Shit La’s

        I forgot to (the cheap gin) to list the Lord of Lords, the immense, loveable, likeable, wonderful

        The Lord of Wirral residing at Wirral Leaks



        Sorry mate it was the gin XXXXXXXXXXXXX

      • Oh it seems like that sort of kissy
        day… here’s some back to you James xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

        Oh by the way, you get 10 points for spotting Highbrow in his High Vis but in your case you get 20 points because you were actually walking side by side with him…


  2. I am a student at sjp and MR quinn wasnt very liked , the schools isnt “ outstanding “ infact it is full of bullying from students to staff the school needs to close its awful were all glad mr quinn has left

  3. I’m surprised there aren’t more comments on here about Quinns bullying. He has been at it for years, ousting experienced and well respected teachers from their jobs through the most insidious means. He then creates a body of inexperienced staff that are on the lowest wages who get replaced every year. We all know SJP has a ridiculous turnover of staff every year.
    He also manipulated St Marys into an academy. He has been controlling T.Boyle, since his appointment at smcc, with weekly behind the scenes visits and the slow degradation of the schools finances, staff and curriculum. When Quinn is involved Headteachers are nothing more than impotent puppets.
    As to not the paying the bills at SJP, that was/is shameful!! Many Wirral businesses are out of pocket after providing goods and services. The SJP M.O was to ignore all demands for payment and only pay the ones that were threatening court action.
    His management of staff is this – you do it his way, adopt his attitude or F off. I always found it quite odd that a lot of the young women (there are a lot!) who very quickly got appointed beyond their experience (and often capability) were in awe of him and supported his methods and treatment of others. He created clones through charm and manipulation – how they saw charm i’ll never know!!
    Even as a parent Quinn was aggressive and demanding. He would overrule any advice given, demand to know the most pinickty details of sub-level progression and basically tell staff they weren’t good enough in the teaching of his children.

    • My family member was bullied out of the job 13 years ago by TQ and the Ginger Tosser who was his deputy and henchman now head of SJP. Family member still suffering PTSD.

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