C and Unbelieve

It’s an unwelcome return to Wirral Leaks to our old fiends Change! Grow! Live! , Wirral Ways To Recovery, Money,Money,Money or whatever they’re calling themselves these days!

We’re unhappy to report just how they’re earning their £7 million + from the Wirral Council Public Health budget from a thoroughly disillusioned insider:

Just when you thought Change Grow Live Wirral integrated drug and alcohol system couldn’t get any worse ‘‘just’ in keeping people alive they’ve botched it up again.

For over 4 years they have been testing people for Hep C and HIV with ‘faulty kits’ and gave some  people their hep C results as being “not positive/negative”. When in fact the tests they used were faulty and some of the people they told were negative have in fact  been positive! public health  issue I think you’ll agree? 

Everyone has to be re: tested and guess who is picking up the bill?…well its not the ‘charity’ commissioned to carry screenings out who’s income grew to £193 million last year -(which is what they’ve disclosed in their report so who knows what the actually amount is!)  but the NHS via Arrowe Park Hospital. 

How long did they know about this before acting on it… 6 months! 

Up for tender too following an increase of 29% in drug related deaths nationally. Which they conveniently relate to “an aging population”. Well indeed but coincidentally those in the brackets of ‘aging population’ when treated by professionals in the past didn’t die at such ludicrous numbers.  

Come on commissioners wake up. 

Its not working on our doorsteps. Get it right surely people’s lives are worth more?

But hey! CGL have at least got a Hepatitis C strategy. Surely it’s gotta be worth millions of pounds of public money for consistently failing their patients and the public purse?…

3 thoughts on “C and Unbelieve

  1. And for some broader context, as SS United Kingdom slips its European moorings and looks to new horizons…

    …in the USA they don’t really DO Social Science and pay lip service to its close cousin Public Health.

    Why? Because these two awkward entities present obstacles to the fawning worship of Mammon, and the rampant pursuit and greedy accumulation of cash … and lots of it.

  2. Another human tragedy chalked up to our current drug and alcohol treatment provider


    Anyone who goes to town these days, and not many do, can’t fail to notice the numbers of beggars, homeless, shattered drinkers and drug users there are wandering around and congregating outside Pound Bakery.

    Now some poor soul has dropped dead, 50 years old, someones daughter and mother, what I think we should know is what proportion of the £7.25 million that CGL get to deliver drug and alcohol services goes towards helping these people towards some kind of improved life. They are now literally dropping dead!

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