New Ferry in Bloom

Over the years Wirral Leaks readers have sent us some marvellous pictures with all the pathos and precision of a Martin Parr  photographic exhibition.

Our latest valued contributor provides us with the following  photos of New Ferry accompanied by this message :

I took these yesterday in New Ferry. These are only a few examples, there are more “planters” placed there by God knows who. I had previously spoken to one of the remaining business owners, and whilst she said they looked nice, she did not believe any of the garbage spouted by elected officials (local or national) that New Ferry would rise from the ashes. I agree with her…






Whilst we applaud anyone who tries to prettify a bombsite we can only agree that judging by these pictures it will be a long time before New Ferry goes from boom to boom town!…

8 thoughts on “New Ferry in Bloom

  1. G’day Leaky

    Sorry I haven’t written lately been a bit poorly. Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    New Ferry, so many fond memories of my youth at St John Plessington and Port Sunlight, may be blooming but it has no were near bloomed as much as the great big fat arsed, mamby, pamby, pink cheeked, mummy’s boy from caldy….Philly “FUCKING” Liar”

    The lying barstard has just grown and grown with self indulgent greed like a parasite on the back of wirral.

    Giving absolutely nothing back…. maybe a fantasy golf resort… for himself.



    Wouldn’t have mentioned it except for the 65 barstards that implicated themselves getting in bed with the lying see you next Tuesday that are still in place and probably siding with the next scum bag.

    I hope he has the most miserable of retirements so truly deserved or at least as bad as mine is panning out in part down to him I believe.

    “Intie” how many times…..10 years.


    • Hope you’re feeling better soon James.

  2. Thanks for publishing my photos, I know from historical items on here that WBC do not like Wirralleaks publicising their shortcomings.

  3. Think I messed up my reply so I’ll try again. Thanks for showing my photos. I know the Council read Wirral leaks, perhaps this will embarrass them but I won’t hold my breath. Not surprised that neither the Liverpool Echo or the Wirral Globe have covered these “improvements” to New Ferry.

  4. They should involve WCOC!

    They’ve done an amazing job in

    Fake homeless beggars and all the
    big name shops closing down

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