The High Peak of Hypocrisy : Norbury’s Buxton Bolthole

We can’t take any credit for this latest revealing insight into the warped mindset of Wirral politicians but we are more than pleased to publish it.

Now we have no problem with prospective parliamentary candidate Cllr Tony Norbury buying a property in Buxton nestled as it is in newly-Labour controlled High Peak Borough Council but please, please, please we don’t want him to give us that bleeding heart socialist rhetoric whilst he’s at it.

Oh, and as far as we’re concerned his spelling (Yavonne Nolan???) , having the handwriting of a 7 year old and a preference for “PVC Wood Look Alike (sic) Double Glazing”  would be reason enough to exclude him from high public office forever…

Norbury 1

Norbury 2.jpg

Norbury 3

In the 1st picture you can see Cllr Tony Norbury’s declaration on Wirral Council’s website.  He states he owns NO property in Birkenhead or anywhere within the boundaries of Wirral Council.  He states that he only RENTS a property in Birkenhead.

The 2nd picture is from his Facebook page, Tony for Birkenhead.  He has been out with his ‘comrades’ campaigning for Yvonne Nolan in Rock Ferry and talks about pursuing socialist policies that will “keep OUR wealth in Birkenhead”. Whilst he calls on keeping “our wealth in Birkenhead” he doesn’t appear to think that applies to him.

Picture 3 shows 50 West Road in Buxton, Derbyshire, which according to Rightmove was bought in July 2015 for £135,000.  The link shows a planning application made to High Peak Council by a Mr Tony Norbury (with the same mobile contact number Cllr Tony Norbury lists on Wirral Council’s website) submitted in March 2018.

Tony has decided not to invest in the ward he represents as a Labour councillor, not to invest in the parliamentary constituency he wants to represent as a Labour MP,  not even within the Labour controlled Liverpool City Region… 


8 thoughts on “The High Peak of Hypocrisy : Norbury’s Buxton Bolthole

  1. Course I am aware that I keep wittering on about pointless shit. I’m fully cognisant that basing an opinion of an elected official on their photographic image is a madness, but in all honesty, given they’re all incompetent, they are all liars and nothing they say or do adds up to anything nearing integrity and honour, what else is there to do other than to go for the obscure.

    My conclusion is, setting aside my personal fixation on the look of their face through the camera lens and whether I like them or not, the only other reasonable consideration for even bothering to vote for them is which one is likely to do us least harm.

    Yep! That’s it. You can reasonably forget anything they’ve ever uttered that might be wrapped bloody up as some sort of promise that says, ‘I will do this’, because they bloody won’t and there’s absolutely nothing the electorate can do to avoid this reasonable conclusion. Why shouldn’t the people start thinking and electing these people using illogical and irrational logic when they get into that Polling Booth.

    My advice is you either do as I do and behave stupidly and study their photographic image asking yourself, ‘would I want to meet this person at a Holiday Inn during an illicit afternoon rendezvous and have them make love to me until I’m begging them to stop, or just choose one of the mob who you truly believe will do you least harm.

    Perhaps that’s it. If you believe that Mr Norbury isn’t going to burgle your home while your out with the lads supping Ale because it dims the pain you feel of being alive on the Wirral Pennsular in 2019, or he or they are unlikely to halt your progress home whilst your staggering in the dark desperately trying to consume your Mixed Kebab with fourteen pints still swathing round in your belly, and he or they are highly unlikely to give you a bloody good kicking, then by all means vote accordingly.

    Other than that, frankly, I wouldn’t bloody bother leaving the house.

  2. Nice to see champagne labour is still alive…surely Wirral voters won’t select him?..but probably will!

  3. Ouu juicy story My Lord….thanks for that…..

    …anyway here is the amber BOOMERANG..

    ‘We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lied.’

    (James Griffiths, the Aussie, on the Wirral Biz/Council scandal)

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