DON’T WALK ON BY – Defend Our NHS: Wirral walk-in centre scandal

Here’s the latest from our friends at Defend Our NHS. Misleading local press reports?   You don’t say!



Dear friends of the NHS

We have some very bad news.

Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group board members (CCG) have decided to CLOSE two local walk-in centres.

They have ignored the protests of:

  • 45,000 petitioners;
  • Over 60% of the two thousand detailed responses to their ‘consultation’; AND
  • The unanimous decision of Wirral & Cheshire West and Chester Joint Health Scrutiny Committee (made up of councillors from Labour and Conservative parties, representing Wirral and Cheshire West and Chester councils)

What was billed as a meeting of the Joint Strategic Commissioning Board on 9th July was turned into a meeting of the CCG Board and they approved their own plan unanimously*.

Sadly they were supported by some GPs (including one who at least declared an interest as his practice would benefit from the change). And shockingly by a councillor who had previously written to DONHS to say, “The community consultation the CCG delivered on the urgent care review proposals showed unequivocally strong opposition to any closure of walk in centres. I stand by the wishes of Wirral residents and council and will oppose any closure of services”.

What now? We must renew our efforts to educate and inform (and if necessary expose) Wirral councillors. Of ALL parties. All opposed the plans, all say they love the NHS, and we doubt that very few of them are aware of the source of the deeply ideological changes to our NHS (in Minneapolis!) of which this is just part.

What can you do?

  1. Please write to Wirral and Cheshire West councillors asking them to support a ‘reference back’ of the decision to the Secretary of State for Health.
  2. Attend our next public meeting. It’s on TUESDAY 30th July at 7.00pm at a venue to be confirmed. Tell your friends and neighbours about this.
  3. Consider becoming more involved in NHS campaigning. Our AGM is in September and we would welcome new enthusiasts onto the DONHS executive committee. Details will follow soon.

See our Facebook page for updates:

Best wishes on behalf of Defend Our NHS

* The story this week in the Wirral Globe and Liverpool Echo about the protest is misleading in several serious ways. 45,000 people (not 30,000 as they report) and the overwhelming majority of those who sent detailed responses to the CCG consultation protested against ANY closures. And it is important to note that, while DONHS has serious concerns about the behaviour of some councillors, the vote to close the centres had nothing to do with councillors; it was a decision of Wirral CCG and was opposed UNANIMOUSLY by Wirral and Cheshire West Councils…


4 thoughts on “DON’T WALK ON BY – Defend Our NHS: Wirral walk-in centre scandal

  1. I hope the councillor “expressing their support” and then WELSHING on that wasn’t Councillor Christine Jones – one of my hard right Labour councillors – and the vice-Chair of the committee that apparently ‘supported ‘ all centres staying open.

    If it is her (she and her husband Adrian are creaming £60,000 per annum in basic allowance and top-ups for chairing various committees), they need to be openly accountable for supporting the closures.

    As my direct approach to a councillor in the Asda Car Park Wallasey failed and ended in a spurious “harassment” complaint and a visit from the police, I’ll use the official channels, research the website and see whether the anonymous councillor who supported the closures has had the guts to identify themselves there.

    • G’day Paul

      They, the pair of arseholes, shat all over their friend “Highbrow”.

      The sooner they retire the better off wirral will be.

      They have contributed absolutely nothing except for themselves and aided and abetted “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” for years.



      I won’t stop calling them liars until the proper public apologies occur especially as these two were the first to hear of the £2,000,000.00 Wirral “Funny” Bizz knockoff and feigned disgust and then obviously ran off to “Philly “FUCKING” Liar and plotted with him to get the 65 on board with there lies.

      The 65 are no better for not speaking up about these lying barstards.


      They were all over the Regurgitation Department and certainly look and stink like vomit.

    • G’day Paul

      Just thinking about these two arseholes from Seacombe and they must rake in £70, 80, 90,000.00 + per year for being slimy, creepy parasites that would shit on anybody for their own pockets and they make me feel physically sick.



      He would, I believe, mock “Highbrow” who he was jealous of, saying things like, I don’t understand accounting time and time again pretending he didn’t understand the £2,000,000.00 knock off, stalling the process and say I’m ok I’ve got an audit trail and most offensively say “You don’t understand how it works boyo.”

      May he rot in hell with his audit trail of holiness and feigning disgust and cheating and lying and siding with the devil.

      They don’t smile, wink and stab people in the back for anybody but their own filthy, fetid good.

      See ya soon XXXXXXXXXXXXxxx

  2. Just read a really poor article about this in the Wirral Globe. The reporter, (LaurenJones) wrote that the Gladstone Medical Centre in New Ferry was to close. The Gladstone Medical Centre is not in New Ferry. It is on Old Chester Road on the Rock Ferry/ Tranmere border, and I’ve not heard that this was to close. I think the photo accompanying the article was taken in Rock Ferry. No wonder people get confused.

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