Aldermen and Straw Men


Pictures have arrived of hasbeen Labour councillors Ron ‘Ruined’ Abbey, Chris Meaden and Phil “Power Boy Pip’ Davies alongside long serving Tory councillors Thingy and Whatsit and current mayor Cllr Tony Smith and his consort.

Apparently ‘Alderman’ badges were being bestowed at Wallasey Town Hall at a surprisingly low key event for a self-aggrandizing group of people. Now we neither know nor care what an ‘Alderman’ badge is  – all we do know is that former Labour councillor Harry ‘Pottymouth’ Smith received one so we assume it isn’t much of an accolade!

However we must say Ron looks to have gotten over his deselection as a Labour councillor and seems much happier now he has a useless pendant dangling from him.


This picture in particular got us thinking about such awards and how in recent times the Mayoral appointment especially among the Labour ranks has become not only a reward for failure but a form of ‘reputation rehab’ for ‘men of straw’. First, there was Cllr Moira ‘Matron’ McLaughlin and her woeful record with adult care services and then there was Cllr Steve ‘Foulkesy’ Foulkes , well  we wouldn’t know where to begin with this one and now we have Cllr Tony Smith  who was to children’s services what Matron was to adult services – a monumental failure.   And as for Cllr Smith’s Deputy (and next Mayor) why , it’s none other than Foulkesy’s partner in crime Cllr George Davies…

We rest our case.


4 thoughts on “Aldermen and Straw Men

  1. …and who is responsible for extending CGLs contract for yet another 12 months until 31/01/2020? This the councils chosen drug and alcohol treatment provider, whose successes can be seen begging downtown and hanging around Pound Bakery, the failures are all up at Landican cemetery!

  2. What the fuck?! This is a Labour Council getting involved in all this bullshit? Pat Hackett.. any chance of an explanation…. or have you lost the plot?

  3. G’day Leaky

    Thank God for taking that evil witch “Nurse Rat” down so I can tell you of one of the best meetings of my life last week.

    It started by me passing wallasey Clown Hall and what a dark, dirty, filthy, evil place that looks even when the Straw Men/Women aren’t there.

    The place is fetid.

    Then I met him.

    Not Leaky.

    The great BOBBY 47.

    What a man,

    What a person.

    It got even better though I went on to have 5? pints with the great lion tamer himself Martin Morton and that so hard working for the cause of ridding Wirral of the shite in brighton street Paul Cardin.

    What a fabulous evening that could have only been better with the company of “Highbrow”, the lovely “Intie”, Jon, Adam, Alison, Simon, little John Brace and the immense LORD LEAKS.



    Thanks Bobert, much luv and gratitude.


    When you see and feel the calibre of these people in one place you wonder how a shit hole like wallasey Clown Hall can amass so much dross, crud, scum and sewage of the 65 of the years 2011 to date.


    Luv ya BOBBYX

  4. Dear James it was a delight to meet you, sup Ale with you and get to know you. And we’ll do it again my friend. We’re all forever tied and bound by friendship, loyalty and a shared interest in tapping out vowels and consonants that, when strung together in a sequence, more or less say the same thing and read, ‘The Bastard Council’.
    Mind, whilst your right that I am bloody great, don’t think for a single moment it’s a gift. It’s not James. It’s a bloody curse if anything I transmit is worth a jot of notice. Women are the problem. Lovely creatures all of them, but they can’t keep their hands off me and wherever I go they constantly nuzzle up to me and whisper in my good ear, the right one that doesn’t require a hearing aid, ‘you are the most desirable man I’ve ever seen. Would you follow me outside and subject me to your manly love’.
    Course, it’s all the bloody time. It’s relentless and it’s only in The Welly that I’m allowed some respite from being so bloody gorgeous. There, in The Welly, I can relax and not be concerned that throngs of wanton strumpets will gather around me dancing and grating in some sultry dance designed to win my interest.
    Yep! All things considered, it’s no easy task being me and it’s only consolation is my friends from Wirral Leaks who allow me to forget for a moment that I am indeed a fat, bloated clever bastard who women simply can’t leave alone.
    My love and best wishes to you James and of course to the mighty JJ of Wirral Leaks who’s service to the people of the Wirral will never be forgotten.
    See you again lad!

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