Frank Field’s BS Justice Party

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Will Field need a new electoral agent? I think we should be told…

After yesterday’s announcement of today’s announcement (or should that be pronouncement) we learn that Frank Field is still in deep denial that his political game is up.

In typical passive aggressive Frankenfield-style he hijacks this weekend’s announcement about who will be his successor as Labour’s next parliamentary candidate and gets his retaliation in first.  For what it’s worth and with the backing of some powerful unions our money is on Mick Whitley to be the victor in this particular long drawn out debacle.

However back to the star of the show – and forever the drama queen – we have  Frankenfield outside Birkenhead Town Hall telling us he will be fighting the next General Election under the banner of the Birkenhead Social Justice Party or the BS Justice Party as we’ve already taken to calling his latest vanity project.

Frankenfield will be 80 the next time the General Election is due, however with the Tory government now down to a working majority of one an election could be any time soon. Whenever it does take place it seems inevitable that in the interim we’ll have to get used to even more bogus news stories which will be endless variations on today’s tired old tune from the former Labour MP for Birkenhead :

I will be standing again as a candidate at the next election with the aim of doing what I have done for 40 years: always putting the interests of our town and our country first while championing the views and interests of the underdogs in our society.

Come off it Frank , you’ll just carry on championing your own personal views and interests and denigrating anyone who disagrees…

One question : Will Field’s electoral agent and current Deputy Mayor of Wirral Council Cllr George Davies be joining Field in his new political (misad)venture or is he waiting until he gets the mayoral chains for him and his missus next year before he too jumps onto Field’s sinking ship of fools?…

7 thoughts on “Frank Field’s BS Justice Party

  1. Interesting thought, if sir frank of the fields, splits the labour vote Locally then the Conservatives will take control of the WBC, that itself is maybe not such a bad thing after the deeply flawed Labour Cabinet we have suffered with for a decade or more. Nationally splitting the Labour Vote will ensure a Conservative Government, then quite possibly Sir Frank of the Fields could cross the floor to what a lot of people think is the natural home for Sir Frank, thus allowing him to once again be the Controlling Force he has always been in Local Governance I n this locality. Quite uncanny the machinations of Party Politics as performed by the Abundance of Party Political Parasites who are dedicated to self interest and duplicitous greed which is about all they are good at.

  2. it’s pitiful at this point to watch these tired old men fighting over the fetid corpse of a long-dead rotten borough. The blind devotion of the constituents to a red sash has returned one of the safest seats in the country and cemented their own decline into destitution. The hopeless poverty of Frank’s constituency will be his epitaph while his history of betrayal and boundless self-interest a stain upon the integrity of the Labour party. But ultimately, the people get the government they deserve.

  3. No doubt his last act of spite and defiance toward the Party. Francis will have done the numbers and be content knowing that whilst he probably won’t win the Seat he will have eaten into the Labour vote and succeeded in his quest. To undermine the Labour Party and the constituents who’ve kept him in his Castle Keep for all these long debilitating years.

  4. ‘Frank Field’s BS Justice Party’ …Haha……

    and thanks My Lord for the grotesque thunderbirds-like photograph … sums it up!

    (Kisses to the Aussie xxx)

  5. Hair flick is advertising for L’oreal ‘cos I’m with it Frankie Panky’ get me signed up for a top job in the BS party

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