Whitley Beats Witless To Become Birkenhead’s Labour Parliamentary Candidate

Corbyn whitley

Frank Field’s worst nightmare

We called it correctly (again) as Mick Whitley has beat allcomers including Cllr Tony Norbury  to become Birkenhead’s Labour candidate at the next General Election.

With friends in high places and support of powerful unions Whitley was a shoo-in.

Although the Whitley v Field battle to win the hearts,minds and votes of Birkonians started yesterday with Frankenfield’s little spoiler (more on that later) we guarantee that this one will run and run…

Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 14.10.30


2 thoughts on “Whitley Beats Witless To Become Birkenhead’s Labour Parliamentary Candidate

  1. Who the fuck is Mick Whitley never heard or seen him before in my life and I’ve lived and breathed Birkenhead for 55 years. If this is the things to come then we will see more poverty, homelessness, food banks and strip joints than the whole of England, time to come and join you in France 🍸🍸

    • You Birkonians were asking the same question in 1979, I believe.

      You then spent the next four decades voting the Tory stranger in Labour clothes into office, again and again and again and again with increasingly huge majorities.

      As such, you’re guilty of irredeemable, self-inflicted, long-term, psychopathic masochism and are not permitted to voice a complaint about ANYBODY in this, the year of our Lord 2019.

      Even if the new Labour candidate turns up dressed in a Nazi uniform, with swastika armband, a black, plastic comb for a moustache and clicking his highly polished jackboots together.

      Thankfully, this one doesn’t – oh, and he lives in Wirral South, btw.

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