Cold Calling For Wirral Council


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We’ve had a few people contact us asking about cold calling from Wirral Council or more accurately  an organisation called NEMS asking  Wirral residents to take part in a planning /shopping survey for Wirral Council.

An inquisitive recipient of such a call asked who had commissioned the survey and was told it was a certain John Entwistle from the Planning Department. Could the Planning Department finally be cottoning on that it would be useful to find out what Wirralians want to see happens to where they live and to pop that info into some kind of ‘Local Plan’?

Alas we can’t tell you what information that NEMS are gathering at the moment because none of the people who received the unsolicited call  fitted a particular demographic…

So just giving you all the heads up that if the number 01642 680947 pops up on your phone you know it’s NEMS and you can choose whether to participate or not – as long as you fit a set criteria that is…

4 thoughts on “Cold Calling For Wirral Council

  1. Who’s Mr Endwistle this a new guy In charge of the Local Plan? The event I went to had Mr David Balls presenting endless amounts of proposals but told us very little about our Green Belt or any criteria cold calls we might receive all seems very suspicious to me

  2. I decided to ring the number and asked for Mr Endwistle, they put me through to a call centre who doesn’t even know an Endwistle but put me through to another person in planning who confused the hell out of me who then put me through to another part of the planning team who then told me that I needed to speak with another department in the end after waiting on the line for near on 30mins I gave up and came to the conclusion that such a simple task of trying to speak to the man in question that this person must be either an enigma or an enema as the case may be in that it’s a pain in the rectum.

  3. If you want to contact John Entwistle an easy way would be email
    Wirral Council email addresses work on a very simple basis;
    [first name followed by surname all as one word]

    This cold calling survey is more than likely a nod to public consultation to do with their late activity in working on the local plan
    I did some digging last night and found this schedule of timings

    Click to access Appendix%205%20-%20Detailed%20Delivery%20Timetable.pdf

    Which shows Wirral expect to have the initial work stream of their Local Plan complete by end of Sept 2019 AND that they don’t expect to present the thing to the Sec of State until Nov 2020 [!]

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