Wirral View’s Life Cycle Comes To An End


As part of our parting shots we promise to get round to commenting on the demise (?) of the Hoylake Golf Resort and that journalistic milestone/tombstone formerly known as Wirral View.

However we leave it to our betters to get the first shots in and call upon ‘The Prof’ to comment on Wirral View’s reckless promotion of ‘healthy living’ on Wirral. As far as we’re concerned the only healthy living option would involve using any form of transportation to get off the hell off the insular peninsula as fast as you can…

Wirral View is continuing its irresponsible campaign to have us all embrace cycling…including riding to schools.

Top tips for the ride ahead

Exercise is good for us…but only in clean air. If you can get into the countryside, say to the Wirral Way or Leasowe embankment, go to it! But cycling east of the M53 is dangerous. Wirral View tells us ‘Wirral Council monitors air pollution as part of its commitment to clean air.’ This is so for nitrogen oxides, but highly dangerous particulate matter is measured at only one AURN site…in the middle of Victoria Park, far from major roads. On this basis it tell us it has not identified ‘any illegal air pollution levels.’ This is strictly true for annual average, current national exposure limits but not for WHO (World Health Organisation)  limits on particulate matter. The WHO say this of their own stricter, current limits

‘Annual PM concentrations are associated with all-cause mortality to a high degree of confidence. There is no evidence of a safe level of exposure to PMs or to a threshold below which no adverse health effects occur.’

In other words: our Wirral average air pollution is (just) legal but you will put your health and that of your children at significant risk if you take exercise near any major, and many minor, roads on Wirral. Even the UK government has an aim to ensure that under 50% of the population will experience more than the WHO limit on PMs by 2025. Much of Wirral is above that limit. It’s your choice…

Professor D P Gregg (retired)


7 thoughts on “Wirral View’s Life Cycle Comes To An End

  1. Thanks for your contributions Professor Gregg.

    In this case a warning that WBC is again just just monitoring air pollution ,just enough to just about satisfy government requirements but not enough to safeguard the young.

    I have not reminded readers in a long time how WBC just, just met the definitions to protect business start ups from exposure to toxic business advice, and then only because no-one bothered to set enough definitions to be met. (Wirralbiz)

  2. Alas, it’s true. Once this ‘dog with fleas’ hits the bin bag, these suits at the trough of public service will very quickly come up with another blue sky thinking gimmick that’ll waste more time and money.

    Their entire hirearchial structure, from base to pinnacle is designed and culturally wired to fuck about funding pointless stuff that nobody wants or bloody cares about. These operationally lightweight incompetent bungling idiots will spend God knows how much in dealing with complex socio political and economic problems that are unimaginingly difficult to process and deal with and yet, at the same time, it’s beyond them to fill in a bastard pothole.

    Cut the grass. Clean the streets. Empty the bins. Water the Hanging Baskets and collect the Council Tax revenue from those living on the Pennsular who’ve not yet hit fiscal rock bastard bottom. And that’s it! It’s not a knotty conundrum to resolve is it? That’s really all they’re required to do, and yet, this stuff, this area of bloody business is dead bloody boring and it does little to satisfy all those hirearchial suits who’ve got several pointless degrees in Making Love In Several Languages.

    Not for them, these parasitic tics that have affixed themselves to our teats sucking our dosh away, to spend their time on the boring and mundane stuff that they can’t be bothered with and have outsourced it all in a reckless act of avoidance. Nope! It’s the exiting, interesting and challenging stuff that they want in their In Trays and it’s this reason and this alone that ensures that yet another pile of steaming shite is in the pipeline ready to be presented to those who are lawfully required to fund their madness.

    And there are so many interesting areas of business for these suits to embrace and apply their insignificant selves to. There’s Climate Change. Modern Day Slavery. Counterfeit Goods. Illicit Tobacco. Democratic Services. There’s their bastard unholy Partnerships and the endless meetings and committees these interesting areas of business can generate. The opportunities to waste their fucking time and our money are endless and I’ll bet my neighbours left testical that just because this pointless rag of a paper has bitten the dust one shouldn’t think for a single moment that this’ll be the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning. It’s simply a tiny bump in the road that’ll be replaced by some twat near the top of the hirearchy who’ll wake up one morning with an idea that’ll have the bastard rushing to his laptop and banging out a cascading email that brilliantly identifies some obscure bollocks that’ll generate them excitement and us having to fund the whole dreadful bastard thing.

      • Hello our Nigel. My best wishes and warmest regards to you and yours. You reference the great man Mandela. I’m pretty sure during his darkest hours incarcerated on Roben Island, not once, even when he was bereft and totally pissed off, did he ever conceive of a hirearchial structure outside his prison walls that was as fucked up as Wirral Borough Council who’d collectively completely ignored any internal investigation into the racist behaviour of a serving Councillor and his badly behaved Doris wife.

  3. Just had a thought… I wonder where Cll Adrian Jones has gone on his holidays? I guess it’s possible the Aussie might know – or have an idea….

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