A View To A Kill


Wirral View’s inevitable destination

We said we’d get back and report on the inevitable demise of the most misbegotten, woebegotten and soon forgotten contribution to ‘journalism’ known as Wirral View.

And –  Oh! What at a wretched rag it was.

Apparently according to the Wirral Globe , who ironically got the ‘exclusive’ on this story, Wirral Council is pulling the life support machine on this ‘information deficit’ atrocity funded by public money in October.

Needless to say we called this pisspoor propaganda paper from the get go in our Warped View post from 2016.

Despite the fact that the former and not missed at all CEO of Wirral Council Eric ‘Feeble’ Robinson lied about the fact that Wirral View was not seeking advertisement revenue to achieve the infamous Martin Liptrot’s aim of putting Wirral Globe out of business,  Wirral View was allowed to stagger on until the editor of Wirral Globe got his hands on the ‘Wirralgate’ tapes in July 2017 and Wirral View’s days were inevitably numbered.

Consequently we were drawn to this comment in the Wirral Globe report:

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 21.15.41.png

You don’t say?

Triple vodka and oranges all round eh, Leigh?


2 thoughts on “A View To A Kill

  1. It is about time when these Party Political Parasites, that come up with grand wiz kid notions to get into the commercial world with our money but never their own, are burdened with the cost when they inevitably fail. The useless Pratt’s who dreamt up the Wirral View should repay any losses out of their pension pots and lunatic salaries, just so they learn the Public Purse is for the benefit and wellbeing of local population, and not for them to pretend to be some sort of genius with our cash.

  2. Of course it took several ‘prats’ to birth this bastard child of a newspaper. But given that it’s unlikely we can gather all of them up and hold all to account for the lost public money, it’d be far easier to locate the source of the FirstMan who dreamt the whole thing up and do something horrible to them

    And no matter what the idea is it’s always one twat who comes up with the idea. Rarely in public service do two or three twats burst into the Council Office laying claim to the exact same thought. It doesn’t happen. It’s nigh on impossible to believe that one twat thought Wirral View was a good idea and conjured the whole bag of rats up in their slumber let alone a bunch of them all dreaming the exact same thing.

    No! I say, let’s find the FirstTwat, ensure our information is spot on and there’s no miscarriage of justice and then administer some proper punishment.Four hundred bloody thousand pounds worth of retribution. Not Murder! I’ll be damned if I play a role in strangling the twat or kicking him or her, both sexes are equally capable of coming up with shite ideas, to their death. No! I’m all for torturing the twat and rolling them round in stinging nettles but I ain’t, under any circumstances getting involved in Murder. Or Kidnapping! What a terrible thing to do. To drag somebody off the street, secrete them somewhere and then send their loved ones a ransom note. Anyways, why kidnap someone when the last thing you want is to release them back into society and cause more harm.

    No. We simply invite them to The Wellington Ale House in Wallasey and invite the great James Griffiths to give them a good kicking for no more than five minutes. Then, if the academic Hobro can find it within himself to dispense with all reason, logic and sanity, he too gets five minutes beating the twat with a piece of four by two. As for Cardin? No! The man would go to far and wire the poor wretched bastard to the domestic electricity supply. Thinking about it. We won’t tell Cardin.

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