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We reported on this environmental disaster in our Tipping Point story from last year. Alas! It would appear that nothing has improved for the people of Birkenhead despite  the high pitched protestations of Cllr Brian Kenny.

You’d think that after his return to political power after the sensible people of Birkenhead booted him out and he had to rely on being shoehorned into the safe seat of Bidston & St James vacated by convicted criminal Jim Crabtree and squeaky-voiced Kenny’s subsequent instalment as a member – and we use the term advisedly – of the  Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee it would be top of his ‘to-do’ list to address the tip situation in Cleveland Street.


But no! Another despairing member of the public has been in touch with their concerns and sadly it’s not just Cllr Kenny who isn’t responding :

I note Frank Fields 5 Point Plan as voted for by us, apparently, to improve Birkenhead. One of the points refers to the environment and fly tipping.The biggest fly tipping culprit is the council itself. Has anyone seen the vast fly tip and dump currently growing and festering at the end of Cleveland Street? Its been there for two or three years and is currently closed after a fire there last November’s bonfire night. People are still dumping mattresses there and old settees. God knows what is in the seemingly abandoned shed as it is stuffed to the roof with black bags. It was licensed by the council as a recycling centre. It is an appalling site and is next to a primary school, residential houses and Our Ladies Church, not to mention the Police Custody suite. I see Green councillors posing for pictures after cleaning up alleyways but this Giant Fly Tip is ignored and continues to grow.

No one seems interested really. I even spoke to Pat Cleary who batted it away. The fence has been pulled down now and settees and mattresses are being dumped again. I read a report that they were going to build houses now on the old Rivers Estate, about time, but do people want to live between two tips? The official council tip and the official council fly tip. Dreadful way to treat Birkenhead North End. They go on about flytipping but this is disgraceful. My uncle lives down there and they all deserve better than this…Brian Kenny is obviously distracted.



9 thoughts on “Top of the Tips

  1. Is Councillor Kenny same as the leading light in the Brown Bin fiasco a little while back, nobody ever explained what ever became of the 90 something thousand Brown Bins that became unused when the changes for garden waste where brought in.

    • They have been converted into water butts, compost bins, ant farms and rather amusing table lamps. The rest may well be in the fly tip mentioned above. Perhaps the idea was to recycle the recycle bins…who knows.

  2. Planning enforcement can be very slow – but the Environment Agency should be prosecuting for breach of the Site Licence.

  3. The chap who ran the recycling company is summoned to appear at Birkenhead magistrates court next week! he’s got no money so it’s looking like the landowner has got a large bill coming his way

    The question is how much longer will they leave the pile of shite there for? and are their any dangerous substances amongst or buried
    at the site?

      • G’day Lordy

        You are genius.

        That is about the size of the pile of reports that “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” hid and hid and hid proving that Wirral “Funny” Bizz were guilty of knocking off £2,000,000.00.

        Then he stood lying publicly over and over and 65 muppets keeping their fat ugly mouths shut.



        Still waiting for our full, proper and public apology from the dross and crud the likes of Adderley Basnett Ball Bradbury Jones Jones Williamson Tour Armstrong Davies Davies Foulkes Wilkie Norman and the rest of the (shite) crop of the times.

        Luv yer Lordy XXXXXXXXXXXX

        By the way I nearly called an ambulance a few Friday’s ago when a massive purple head was walking down Duke Street lost with a lady and…..
        then I realised it was the “Ex Dunny Chain Wearer”, and promoter of the Brawl at The Hall in the Name of a Charity Ball.

    • How can a chap like this actually get a license anyway. Okay, businesses do fail but this site has no mains electricity and no machinery. What was it supposed to be recycling? With what machinery? With what work force? Even when it was open there was never more than two shifty looking big blokes working there anyway. My real concern is also safety, what is inside the derelict warehouse on the site? It is stuffed to the rafters with stinking black bags.

      • Rumour has it what’s in the shed is the least of their worries!

        It’s whats been covered and buried it’s quite obvious the authorities aren’t remotely interested

        It’s time to get Frank Field involved

      • D’ya think?
        Frank Field has covered and buried more stinking garbage than could ever be found in Cleveland St.
        He’s very much part of the problem…

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