Deep Diving For Cave Information

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Our Seaside Special post certainly sparked a reaction. Not least from those who want to deny any culpability for the ongoing Hilbre Island environmental debacle : 

Good evening . 
It is an affront to the people of Wirral to firstly put a nasty chemical in a cave on one of our iconic islands and then lie about the cause of the fire .It was not an arson attack. That’s the cover up. 
If you look at the time of the fire you will note that the Island would have been vacated due to the tide. Unless it was an act of terrorism and they had a submarine or a boat in the harbour as to plan their escape.  But I don’t think so…
The contractor North West Construction who lost all council work due to their poor performance are the culprits again. And strangely they were given this contract and concerns raised yet again about their performance and capability were ignored .It was  asset management who appointed and planned the works . Your previous contributors have put the blame on parks and countryside staff, we want the record put straight. Those working on and with Hilbre Island love the island , the friends groups and staff are all deva
devastated and they all collectively care and we all want answers !!!!
They can’t keep on brushing things under the carpet. The management and the councillors need to get a grip. 
The fire and the river pollution was caused by the contractor as they were in charge of the cave not us . End of. Everyone knows it . Stop treating us as fools… 
Now we don’t know whether North West Construction were previously dumped by Wirral Council for shoddy work or whether they are responsible for recent failings on Hilbre Island . Therefore we’d appreciate some clarification on the matter and not least from someone at Wirral Council who commissioned the work and who surely will be able to confirm or deny these allegations . If it is the former they may want to clarify further as how the contractor in question got this particular gig…

7 thoughts on “Deep Diving For Cave Information

  1. Everybody knows that hindsight is a wonderful thing, and the events on Hilbre Island are a fine example, But just remember the. Nature of this location and product of an expandable plus flammable nature must trigger some warning even to the most ignorant of desk bound individuals, Now go one step further the staff of the works or asset department must have a modicum of experience in construction materials and methods of use. Now we get to the contractors level, probably have experience of this material and the intense heat generated during its use. Not to mention the manufacturers actually issue leaflets and warning literature with every delivery to would be users. Now even before any decisions are taken or mistakes, over-sites or lack of experience comes into play, Somebody, Anybody must have had some concerns, Did they raise them or are the levels of compete stupidity running though every level of WBC. Plus the contractors staff and supervision. And that is even after he multiple years of experience that exists within the senior management levels plus specialists and elected councillors sanctioned the operation at some point. I can’t believe that six or seven levels of decision making all missed the-warning signs.

  2. G’day Leaky

    Lets FRACK Brighton Street with all the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off scandal liars, with all 65 fat arsed wombat conspirators, on their respective benches.




    I do hope “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” is having a orrible retirement….like mine.

    Apologise in your own time Phlip.

  3. The same devastation is playing out in slow motion with the local plan. Fools in charge who haven’t a clue and are hell bent on the destruction of our greenbelt. George Davies needs to go. David Ball needs to go, Paul Sartoor needs to go. All the planning dept muppets pushing for greenbelt use need to go. I guess the question is are there any good ones left or is the entire council bent.

    They cannot even justify why, always blaming others and by their own admission have no powers to stop anything apparently! So why do we bother even having these fools employed.

    The ballot box will show again our disgust of local councilors who don’t do what is required. This has to be the worst run council in England now

    • I will again jump in reminding you all thAt David Ball for a long time supervised the Wirralbiz project.

      Wirralbiz demonstrated that WBC either cared not how the money was spent, or simply was incompetent.

      Now Wirralbiz was chickenfeed at some £12m over 6 years but it serves as a litmus test of the very limited capabilities of the WBC and it’s officers.

      David Ball was in the thick of it, a stolid, slow moving officer who saw fit as things crumbled to remark to The Wirralbiz director

      ” I reward loyalty”

  4. Interesting application for what seems to be a vast quantity of expanding PU foam. I was under the impression this product could generate vast amounts of heat from the exothermic nature of the system. A very large mass like this could possibly generate enough heat to ignite itself I would guess.

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