Wirral Leaks Word of the Day

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All this fuss today about the word prorogue when let’s face it Wirral Council have been pro rogue for years.

Has there been a local government chancer and charlatan that hasn’t passed through the doors of Wallasey Town Hall and failed miserably at their job and at being a decent human being and left clutching a cheque as a reward for their manifest failure?

Moreover is there a Council in the land that has consistently served as a safe haven for rogue politicians such as ( INSERT NAME HERE) … ?


3 thoughts on “Wirral Leaks Word of the Day

  1. I have often thought Wirral Council has always been a political microcosm where all kinds of dodgy political and social shenanigans are done which are then replayed on a bigger stage. So if you ever need to know what will happen in the UK (or elsewhere), watch how things work in Wirral and then you can predict the future. Corruption, blatant embezzlement, social chaos, dodgy deals and back handers along with shell companies to obfuscate the blatantly obvious.

    Jiminy Cricket
    This is your conscience calling

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