Defend Our NHS : Annual General Meeting 5th September…and more



Dear friends of the NHS

®    A reminder that our annual general meeting is next Thursday 5th September   starting at 7:00pm in Birkenhead Town Hall. As promised the annual report (for approval at the meeting) is attached. After what is usually a fairly short formal session we’ll have a chance to discuss any pressing issues and then to gather informally in the nearby Gallagher’s pub.

®    The following day (Friday 6th September)  some of us will be joining campaigners from all over the country in London to hand a petition to the Secretary of State, to hold a silent protest and then a rally in Trafalgar Square. Click here for details.

®    Also on 6th  October we’ll be welcoming James Corbett after his epic march from Glasgow to London to save the NHS. James is presenting his petition the previous day. Click here for details and see this article.

®    There’s an excellent simple leaflet attached for sharing.

®    And now for something completely different… Thursday 3rd October is National Poetry Day. You and friends are very welcome to an ‘open mic’ evening of poetry and music. Anyone can turn up and perform. The venue (in Birkenhead) will be announced soon.

®    Be as creative as you like. (National Poetry Day 2019 has set the theme – TRUTH. WE are calling all campaigners and friends who enjoy the arts to use this day to deliver just that – TRUTH! As well as joining us you can leave a poem on a lamp post, in the supermarket, on the bus or train. Spontaneous pop-up busking poetry spots in shopping centres and on the High Street. Open mic events, poetic letters to the local paper.)

Best wishes on behalf of Defend Our NHS


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