No Christmas Bonus

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The above leak is an extract from a ‘What’s App’ convo involving the ‘Osborne Dream Team’ . Apparently this particular nightmarish ‘Dream Team’ is based at Osborne Court* in Birkenhead which consists of  3 ‘independent supported living units’ serviced by 365 Support and funded by what was Wirral Social Services and which Wirral Council couldn’t wait to get rid of and which has consequently  been subsumed and funded by the NHS (or more accurately YOU).  

*BTW this particular Osborne Court is not to be confused with Osborne Court nursing home in Port Sunlight.

Now we don’t know whether GILL BOSS is a) dead good , like b) a distant relation of Hugo or c) so insecure about her position she calls herself BOSS in BOLD.

What we also don’t know is whether the financial abuse of vulnerable people (aka a crime) was reported to the proper authorities (or in the case of Wirral – the improper authorities) . All we do know is that MS BOSS can’t spel 4 toffi …

On a serious note – all this despairing that the NHS may be up  for sale. People need to remember that  social care – the (very) poor and unloved relation of the NHS – has locally been flogged off to moneygrabbing opportunists for years. And has care improved? Has it hell as like! The number of  Wirral ‘care’ services rated as ‘inadequate’ or ‘requiring improvement’ by the regulator the Care Quality Commission is an absolute disgrace.

But then again asking for social care to be brought back into public ownership is currently on a hiding to nothing.  Having said that we do have to wonder what made the Highways Department returning to Wirral Council such a special case ? What’s more some of us also remember that thieving from the vulnerable hasn’t always been the exclusive preserve of the private sector…

5 thoughts on “No Christmas Bonus

  1. Only on the Wirral! The worst of it all is it’s not particularly surprising. You’re unlikely to think, ‘dear me. What a dreadful surprise’. More likely it’s, ‘oh dear me. Another bucket of shit’.
    The chances that it’ll happen again and again? Highly bloody likely if anything I ever think or say is worth a jot if notice.
    What’s it take on the Wirral to get yourself collared, charged, presented to the Magistrate and get shipped off to Her Majesty’s Prison Hell bloody House? Short of dropping your pants and masturbating in front of Queen Elizabeth who’s just happened to visit New Brighton Beach because Phil’s hip joint is fucked up and only the brine of the Mersey can loosen up its ball and socket joint, nothing I can come up with, and I can come up with a bloody lot, springs to bloody mind.
    And we wonder why the likes of James Griffiths, Nigel Hobro and Martin Moreton have experienced terrible problems in their lives trying to get someone to address the invasive rot that’s infested Wirral public services!!!!
    Happy bloody Christmas! I’d say Happy New Year, but let’s face it, it’s highly unlikely it’ll be a prosperous and happy 2020 for anyone living their lives on the good old Wirral peninsular.
    My best wishes and warmest regards to you Lord Julian. I hope next years harvested crop of grapes is far better than the one I’d wished for you last year. Rob.

  2. On the subject of Highways, we got a new LED light outside ours last week – replacing the old high pressure sodium lamp and lantern – and I’m pleased to report it’s still working.

    I had a word with the fellas about the light from this fitting appearing at 450 nanometres on the visual light spectrum, right next to harmful ultraviolet and how if ALL the old street lighting positions in the world were replaced tomorrow, the industry would cut world-wide power consumption by around 50% – and how I’d formed the firm impression that the yearning to save shed-loads of money had trumped safety concerns and any desire to ensure that the eyes of certain night-time workers such as emergency services drivers / taxi, bus drivers / nocturnal wildlife did not suffer from macular degeneration or damaged retinas and that those bathed in the light did not develop skin cancers, as found in a joint study between Exeter University and the Barcelona Institute for Global Health.

    The fellas said, “not sure about that, Guv”.

  3. My Lord,

    I would like to suggest the headline should read …


    …ha ha…ho ho ho…

    Best Wishes

    Father Christmas

  4. Having been a home visit Care worker for several private care company’s under contract to Wirral Borough Council (WBC), I was always amazed by the total lack of any kind of oversight by WBC over its contractors. Such as if a client cancels a scheduled visit the care worker does not get paid, if the clients care is funded by WBC they are still billed for it by the care company. I used to wonder if WBC think people never cancel. Cancellations are a win win situation for the company’s as they get 100% of the fee.
    Pity the poor care workers tomorrow, Christmas Day, who only get time and a half, pity the poor fools who try to refuse to work Christmas Day, New Year and Bank Holidays as they will discover exactly what Zero Hour Contract means.
    Gaze on in exasperation as just about every single Care Company on the Wirral is unable to recruit and crucially keep enough Carers Workers to cover their contractual obligations, while only wanting to pay a few pence above minimum wage. While paying all Office Staff at Least a £1 an hour more than the minimum wage, throwing all expenses paid Christmas Parties for Office Staff ONLY. Without exception all incidents including serious theft by staff, was dealt with in house, without WBC or Police involvement.
    On my first day with one company, within ten minutes I was asked to fill in a comprehensive Care Quality Commission questionnaire about the company, needless to say knowing next to nothing about the company went in their favour.
    If you have care workers visiting you or your relatives, I cannot stress enough the importance of getting quality CCTV cameras. I could tell you more but it’s all depressing.

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