Christmas Felicitations From Wirral Leaks : The Ghosts of Christmas Past

To mark our last Christmas broadcast from Leaky Towers we thought we’d bring you a ‘Ghosts of Christmas Past’ special and recall some of our previous festive greetings.  After all isn’t Christmas not only about tradition but about  repeats on the telly and from various body  parts?

First up we bring you this heartwarming pic from 2011 where we see Cllr Steve Foulkes aka Foulkesy doing what he does best – bringing comfort and joy whenever, sorry, wherever he goes. Only he doesn’t go does he? Locally he remains the living proof of the international and national trend that people will put politicians in power even when they’re proven liars…

Talking of liars – he we have Foulkesy’s chum and soon to be Mayor of Wirral Cllr George Davies proving once and for all that old adage that politics is showbiz for ugly people

Satan's Little Helper

Of course Davies was once the ultimate Satan’s Little Helper when he was the electoral agent for Frank Field – the former MP for Birkenhead. However much like his mate Foulkesy this wretched elf ditched Frankenfield when they saw that the writing was on the wall for the latter’s political career and they are both now feigning support for all things Corbyn and the union -backed new MP for Birkenhead, Mick Whitley. This means   they can continue to ride on the coat tails of local power and influence much as they have done for decades.

And finally the man himself who for so many years presided over his personal political domain safe in the knowledge that Birkenhead was one of the safest Labour seats in the country , which , of course it remains to be to this day…


Unfortunately for Frankenfield he had to stand as an independent at the recent General Election and the flag of convenience that was the Labour Party was no longer there to maintain him in power.  And let’s face it ,despite the promise of hanging around Birkenhead and doing his bit for ‘charidee’ that’s what it’s always been about for  Frankenfield – the power and the glory .

We can only imagine how Frankenfield must feel this Christmas  having been betrayed and  politically outmanoeuvred by his former acolytes Foulkes and Davies. But then that’s what you get when you have have sat on a throne of lies for four decades…

Xmas Message

Meanwhile Merry Christmas to one and all from everyone at Leaky Towers!

7 thoughts on “Christmas Felicitations From Wirral Leaks : The Ghosts of Christmas Past

  1. God above! They all look like their in a holding pen for Extras in the film productions of, The Night Of Village Of The Damned or I Spent Two Years On Devils Island.

  2. G’day My Lord Leaksville

    Thought I should write today and wish you everything.

    I genuinely luv you and your efforts.

    Interesting the bloke in Liverpool Regurgitation was arrested and he started in 2011 when I worked for Wirral “Funny” Bizz.

    Everywhere was rotten, “The Pretend Friend” Jones was so far up AdderleyDadderlyDooLally, “The Ex Dunny Chain Wearer” from The Brawl at the Hall in the name of a Charity Ball” and “Philly “FUCKING” Liars” arsehole his Missus Bilong Him Nurse Rat didn’t see him over Xmas, or, the top of the table for that matter. Little Man syndrome.
    Davies Davies Jones Jones Tour Foulkes Wilkie (Adderley Basnett) Bradbury Norman Green Gilchrist Armstrong Ball Abbot Williamson et al.

    All pure shite…. actually the diarrhoea of wirral..

    Do the good people of Wirral care yet?…probably not.

    Luv you Lordy to Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters and back…Stella’s casino or not.




    Best wishes and much luv (in no particular order) “Highbrow” Paul “Intie” Martin Leaky Bobby 47,7,7,7 Jonathan Ali and a special word to

    “The Pretend Friend” See you next Tuesday arsehole and missus arsehole you were the first to know of the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off and to date done fuck all. May your allowances grow in to peniss’ and shaft you the way you have shafted Wirral for donkeys years for your personal and very very ugly selves.

    • James, a well-connected friend of mine reliably informed me that Lpool City Council Director of Regurgitation Kavanagh’s friend and top-dog in the destruction and under-development industry who goes by the couldn’t make it up name of LAWLESS, has been spotted driving around what he regards as his own manor in Liverpool city centre in a Lamborghini.

      Now, any fule and his dog know that no bastard in that game makes that kind of dosh without being as bent as the Seacombe Santa’s crook. And failing to pay your Section 106 fees ain’t gonna make up the cash required, is it…?

      And oh, how those in the know in the offices over the road larfed and pointed as the police turned up at the Lawless flat, sirens blaring, blue lights flashing, stormed out of the vehicle mob-handed, bust the door down and swept in, emerging with the credulous, egotistical villain, hands on head, ducking down and into the meat wagon, soon to be released, only to be seen pleading his innocence in the excited Liverpool Echo, who will now be secretly sporting hard-ons and fervently anticipating a few centre-page crime spreads, dripping with depravity and served up for eager, dribbling, swivel-eyed readers in the new year.

  3. G’day Paul, Intie, Highbrow, Martin, Jonathan, Ali and of course Bobby 47,7,7

    Going into the tenth year after the £2,000,000.00 Wirral “Funny” Bizz knock off known by all at wirral at the time, and my and Highbrows suffering, the barstards are still living their lies and deceit.

    The little welsh egit “The Pretend Friend”, ” Missus Bilong him Nurse Rat” , “Philly “FUCKING” LIar”, “his Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb over from Hell” and of course “The ex-Dunny Chain Wearer from the Brawl at the Hall in the Name of a Charity Ball” all knew of the theft of taxpayer monies and they each and every one of them and 65 in total didn’t give a shit.

    May they fester in their shite for the rest of their naturals.



    Luv you Lordy, please don’t give it up.


    Not to forget AdderleyDadderlyDooLally and his Dogsbody Basnett, his loyal servant and fat see you next Tuesday Humpty Dumpty Ball, Legweak the vile little liar, Tour who is so orrible I wouldn’t call him what Davies called him, Wilkie, Norman I hope they get what they deserve.


    How are they still there particularly the Joness’


    Not bad for a pissed Australian.

  4. Can Brexit Britain, Tory mining towns, an NHS race to the bottom, a racist Mayor, booming Birkenhead, a fallen Queen, World War III and Wirral Council’s part in Ayatollah Khamenei’s downfall tempt you back my Lord?

  5. G’day The Great Lord, Paul, Intie, Martie, “Highbrow” Jon, Ali et al

    Just get yer arses back ere.

    This is when Clowncils are at their evil best when no one is watching.




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