Power Boy Pip Pops Back Into Public Life

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With His Lord and Ladyship in lockdown we thought this week would be as good as ever for a resurrection of  Wirral Leaks especially on the eve of our old fiend ex-Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies being shoehorned into another ill-fitting (non) role as Deputy Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner to the outgoing Commissioner Jane Kennedy.

We can’t help thinking that at £32K + for 3 days a week of ‘work’ it’s a case of nice work if you can get it and you can get it even when you’ve vowed to retire from public life to spend more time with the family and you were a monumental failure as a ‘leader’ of Wirral Council.

But then this is Murkyside where nepotism and dubious allegiances have long been the order of the day. However for us Pip always stood for everything that is wrong in local politics – compromised, collusive, cowardly and corruptible (other ‘c’ words are available).

With Pip’s confirmation before the Police and Crime Panel tomorrow being a mere formality we’ll be marking the momentous/horrendous event with a reminder of why we think this appointment is not only beyond irony but deeply depressing for those of us who have longed for an end to our dysfunctional local oligarchy. 

Indeed tomorrow’s post will be a prelude to a our serialisation of the long running ‘Wirralgate’ saga in which Pip played a major part in what we believe to be a monumental cover up of misconduct in public office. At last we have been given the go ahead to publish the  police records, court reports and emails which detail the complicity of the press and the police , the docility of councillors and the duplicity of politicians and council officials which has allowed those who have abused their power to continue to undeservedly thrive in public life.



12 thoughts on “Power Boy Pip Pops Back Into Public Life

  1. It’s unbelievable, the man who led this area into what it is now, a derelict wasteland peopled by unemployed and derelict people, desperate to either sod off to another town or wait for increased benefits. A nice cosy little job to pay his golf club fees, replacing someone who the rest of us never even knew what they were doing. Total disgrace. Any faith I had in our council has now gone.

    • Well said John at least we dont have to look at his ugly mug as we were subjected to on the Wirral council meetings. It amazes me that with his with his track record they could not find a more suitable client with a CV of a honest person instead of using the old boys network .
      Nice to see you back in saddle your lordship & of course her ladyship you have been missed.

  2. Brilliant news that you’re back. I have an interesting story concerning New Ferry and the LCRCA funding of £500,000 part of that (£170,000 plus refurbishment works on ONE property) was spent at an auction three months after the ‘Action Plan’ was submitted to LCRCA in a joint application between New Ferry Community Land Trust and WBC. Proceedings are well under way against WBC and NFCLT.

  3. G’day The Great Leaky

    Missing you so much.

    Things at the shithole in Brighton Street just keep on rolling with lying and cheating the public like in the Wirral “FUNNY” Bizz days.

    Philly “FUCKING” Liar still doing what he does does best LYING.



    The man can’t help himself.

    Even LIES to his family.

    I’m going to retire the great man I am and spend time with my family.


    First chance he gets to get on the gravy train he is off…

    away from the family he LIED too.




    Someone needs to have a good look at “The Pretend Friend” “The ex Dunny Chain Wearer” Ball Basnett Bradbury “Legweak et al.

    There will be a lot of money swishing around and this lot are either dishonest or incompetent.

    Still luv you my Good Lord to the moon and back. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Great to see Wirral Leaks back. Both the Wirral Globe and the Echo have been awash with comments about Golf Course Davies and his re-incarnation as DCC. What a pity Merseyside Police are not investigating his prior behaviour.

  5. Welcome back. Golf course Phil has got his snout back in the trough, tried to post earlier but something went wrong. Hopefully Wirral leaks will continue to expose these rogues

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