Deviation Wirral


Despite protestations to the contrary “Destination Wirral” appears to be a bid by Wirral Council to turn the peninsula into one great big golf course.

Of course “Destination Wirral” is not to be confused with “Destination Excellence” (stop sniggering) the monumental Foulkesy fail that followed the publication of Klonowski’s Independent Review.

Remember how we laughed as Foulkesy  promised to adhere to the recommendations of the Independent Review and the Corporate Governance Report that preceded it, with “bible-like” devotion?

However this latest feeble branding exercise at least has the benefit of a “Destination Manager” (which sounds like a Council rebranding of Foulkesy’s mayoral chauffeur).

But then again this person seems to have a loose grasp of geography when it comes to Wirral’s boundaries themselves. Witness the recent Wirral Folk Festival (Anyone heard about it? – No thought not!)

Now please forgive us but when were Ellesmere Port or Whitby annexed by Wirral? and why would Wirral Council give money to venues to hold a Wirral Folk Festival there?

It has been suggested to us that this enables Wirral Council managers to tick a box in the pursuit of European Union funny money (European Regional Development Fund to be specific) We can only ask ourselves whether chasing the Euro will herald the return of “Eurowirral” ? – anyone remember that risible branding exercise undertaken by the Council ?

However it strikes us that if the Council were really serious about Wirral being a “destination” rather than a “deviation” that it would help if there was a Tourist Information Centre rather than relying on the likes Royal & Ancient website plugging hotel accommodation for the upcoming Open golf championships mainly out Chester way because nobody knows where “Wirral” actually is!……….

Meanwhile the Council’s obsession with golf continues unabated with news of them “consulting” about the flogging off of municipal golf courses. Except Hoylake of course !  – could this have anything to do with the postponed announcement mooted for the opening day of the Open when the Council planned to unveil the Last of the International Playboys funding partner they had lined up to thrill us all with news of a luxury golf resort coming to Wirral?

Needless to say the momentous event went the way of all Wirral Council drives down the fairway – in the rough and unplayable. Therefore we can’t help wondering whether this golf resort proposal doesn’t end up being Stella Shiu 2 and like the Wirral Waters project permanently lodged in a sandtrap.

Therefore can we humbly suggest to the Council’s Destination Manager that they may need to adjust their branding   –

“Wirral – Not so much crazy golf as golf crazy!”

Destination Nowhere. Wirral Council Takes The Highway To Hell

For reasons unfathomable Wirral Council leader Jeff Green wants to put his under-fire highways director Dave Green in charge of a massive “change progamme” with spin doctor in chief Emma Degg as his “policy director” to bring about a fundamental step change in the council’s corporate governance – which he anticipates will be accomplished within the ludicrous time frame of three months.

The “change programme” as we all know was a reaction to the investigation by consultant Anna Klonowksi, which told us what we already know – Wirral Council’s obsession with “reputation management”  over-rides every other consideration.

The problem for the hapless Green (J) is that the The Local Government Association (LGA) have seconded a few of their most ferocious rottweilers to Brighton Street to oversee the transformation of Wirral Council from basket case to something approaching normal, and have already made it clear in private conversations with well-placed and influential sources that there is absolutely no way on God’s earth they will allow this to happen.

Their view is that even the most mega-efficient and best-performing council in England could not complete such a wide-reaching “change programme” within three months,  and that Wirral, which is arguably the most demented and frankly weird local authority in Britain, has not a snowball’s chance in Hell of doing it.

Especially with the aforementioned people in charge.

Watch this space.