Easy As ABCD

A Leaker Writes :

 “Wirral Council is paying for external consultants to push the Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) model. Already had at least 2 days – Floral Pavilion and Acre Lane and now I think there are plans to work with the new constituency managers.

The way they are going there will be no assets left! It’s all a bit ’emperors new clothes’ for me. I think the council are on a scammers list somewhere….a bit like those poor old dears who reply to junk mail letters and lose their life’s savings. They throw good money after bad and can’t help themselves. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so galling…..”

We always find it so dispiriting to hear that Wirral Council have called in external consultants yet again. Firstly because it brings into question what the blazes are the highly paid council officers actually being paid to do and secondly we have a grave concerns about accountability,transparency, value for money and , as our graphic shows , grasping hands wanting a piece of the action when it comes to the dismantling of public services.

Furthermore we are minded to recall the words of Demetrious Panton, an employment law advisor who has worked as an equalities consultant for many local authorities :

“What is interesting is that the same people appear in the same jobs, in different places, as if through a revolving door. They work for local authorities, leave, then come back as freelance “consultants” with huge, inflated fees.

They are often mediocre and there is no evidence of how or why they were chosen.They can leave a council with a terrible reputation yet pop up next minute as head of a regulatory body and as a trustee of numerous bodies. It is a real money-spinner. We need transparency in local government, not this modern version of the freemasons’ handshake.”

Sounds horribly familiar to us at Leaky Towers as we’ve witnessed an endless parade of has-beens and no-marks arrive with empty words and leave with full pockets.

This ABCD Model sounds as though it’s the usual snake-oil salesman pitch – the  abdication of responsibility dressed up as community empowerment.

It’s the same rigmarole with “Vision 2018” – yes it’s “that vision thing” again.This time it’s  a survey about the future of health and social care . If you’re interested click HERE

It’s the age-old call for greater integration and co-ordination of health and social care. Which would be marvellous if only the powerbrokers in Wirral Council and Wirral University Teaching Hospital were not quite so concerned with protecting their egos ,empires and budgets.

Clare Fish, Strategic Director of Families and Wellbeing, and Wirral Council Deputy Chair Vision Thing 2018 Programme Board says: “There is also a big challenge to encouraging individuals to take greater responsibility for their own health and wellbeing and the lifestyle choices they make which could have negative impacts on their health and create a significant burden on an already pressured service. Vision 2018 is Wirral’s response to this challenge and we would very much welcome contribution from the public to help us shape the new approach for Wirral.”

Here we go again with the call for individuals to take greater responsibility before they become a “burden”.Which is such a lovely expression to describe the people who pay your salary.

It’s also hugely ironic as Wirral Council never take responsibility for anything  – EVER!