Cry- Bully Crabtree – Updated

Cry Bully


The Cry-Bully always explains to the point of demanding that one agrees with them and always complains to the point of insisting that one is persecuting them. They really are the very worst sort of modern moaner – Julie Burchill.

It has been gleefully brought to our attention that Wirral Globe has given poor put upon titty-lipped Jim “Crabby” Crabtree a platform to rail against the Labour Party after Wirral Leaks exclusively reported he’d been deselected as a councillor in the Bidston & St.James ward.

However Crabby indignantly takes issue with our claim :

“I have not been ‘de-selected’ –  I just haven’t been selected to stand by the Labour Party’s approval panel.”

To which is all we can say is that we humbly apologise and thanks for clearing that one up for us!.

The uncomradely councillor then goes on to whinge :

“It was a done deal – I was stitched-up.”

If it’s any consolation Crabby you’re not the first person to be stitched up by local politicians!.Indeed we’d say that alongside golf and fisticuffs with former Chief Executives of Wirral Council that it was a leading local sporting pastime.

However undeterred Crabby stoically says he is considering standing as an independent Labour councillor against whoever is chosen to be the official Labour candidate in next May’s elections.

Although we would have thought “independent Labour councillor ” was an oxymoron as from what we know about how things operate councillors usually have their mind made up for them by Frank “Bomb the Yobs” Field !.

Meanwhile Crabby keeps it classy without having the courage of his convictions :

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