We really wish that the saintly Frankenfield and the sanctified Power Boy Pip would start singing from the same hymn sheet when it comes to the Wirralgate whistleblowing scandal! :

Power Boy Pip  –

” Cllr Davies believes that the Group were trying to use the content of the phone conversation to pressurise him into settling their claim….” ( Page 9 – The Thynne Report (in more ways than one) 20th June 2014)

Frank Field –

‘The debt Wirral owes to those who blew the whistle is considerable’ (Wirral Globe 21st October 2014).

So tell us who are the opportunists here – is it you guys or is it the whistle-blowers?…..

You really need to be working in harmony or it’s all going to end up sounding like a dreadful racket – in every sense.