Tales from the Chamber : Winners!!!


Our thanks go Jonathan Quinn who writes to Wirral Leaks in response to our Tales from the Chamber : Annual General Meeting story.

We publish it unedited and unexpurgated :

What a non factual load of rubbish by a couple of Trolls and Bullies telling lies!

I would be happy to meet you and your X strategic partner to help you with how time could be better spent helping their business grow! instead of what it is doing failing and I thought they had a little more about them than this!! If only they give more effort and positivity they might have gained from the membership!! you get out what you put in life and Chamber

So to start with actual facts – 

1.Renewal date has just past and wouldn’t want them a strategic anyway as they are nett takers not contributors. The chamber is about effort and how we can collaborate and all grow together. If its that bad why is it growing Ive helped 5 strategic & maybe 20 members sign up over the last 3 months its helped my businesses grow rapidly best value for money membership there is.
2.Golden Girls are exactly what they are all credible nett contributors in business and life again why is Wirral Chambers fastest growing chamber in the UK??? What they do for business and local community projects is unreal talk to them see what they do before you judge.
3.Construction Forum has the largest turn out of any business networking event in the Northwest with 100 people taking time out to listen, grow and collaborate. Onto main facts 4 people turned up from Sovini Group who is part of Carroll group who I introduced and Sara signed up as strategic partner that day. YPG also present, she promised and delivered on the agenda and well organised event or 100 people wouldn’t turn up time and time again. Its energy is brilliant that comes from the effort ranging from Sara –
4.Sara is one of the hardest working people I know who’s helps every single business who has ever asked for help she’s also one of the nicest also. Your a troll and a bully picking on women, fact do you get kicks out of trying to upset Women very very sad!!!! It won’t work as the people your aiming at are winners!!!
5.Prosseco was £29.95 and all paid for personally apart from start as it was in with the ticket price. 4 bottles but not like you to exaggerate! I thought the atmosphere and positive energy level went up post 7pm!!! If you want an intro to any company be a man and go up and speak to them its called business development skills, if you lack these ask Sara she would happy to a personal into to anyone that’s he role thats she’s perfect at!!!
6.I love you comment about myself Jonathan Quinn as you know nothing of me or my life. I bring everything to the table and always give 100% even when the chips are down. Im a governor of my kids school, I work with chamber youth and talk at schools every other week, Im an ambassador for Duke of Edinburgh, I run 5 businesses, Director for the chamber, Chair of manufacturing forum & vice chair energy and environment forum. I have stopped 100,000s tonnes waste going to landfill and stopped 100,000 tonnes of carbon being produced. Ive created environmental technologies that help save our planet, I help raise charity money and go to these events a few times a month. Im also a TEDx speaker business man of the year and over 10 personal and business awards. Im going to India next week to speak at the future tech festival invited by Sir Dominic Asquith the high commissioner for India for DIT for free to help shout about Wirral its amazing brand, people & businesses!!!! When I come to the table I bring it ALL experience credibility and integrity!!! non of which your Mole and you have. Ive helped business without personal gain for the last 12 years but my main contribution is changing peoples lives if we all done 10 and them 10 done 10 imagine!!! These key skills are at the core of the chamber!!!
7.Lisa and Heather I do agree your only actual fact are 2 super nice hardworking people but again facts Lisa has gone back to Mole to help grow their family business which is amazing and Heather is very happy in her new role both new jobs and people happier. Tittle tattle

Wirral chamber has fantastic credible board, brilliant management and staff all run by its Golden leader who has helped me & members for the last 12 years grow and inspire others again a talent you lack. Check out actual numbers GDP, jobs and plenty of success stories time and time again!!!

Rather than trolling and bullying when use your time to help others like we do!!! 

Again would love to meet you and your ill informed keyboard warrior!!! we could have a wine in the cafe, try contribution rather than taking doesn’t help anyone. The Wirral is a place to work, live and play positively! +++++++++++

God bless 

Tales from the Chamber : Annual General Meeting

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 15.23.42

The Wirral Chamber of Commerce (WCoC) AGM kicks off any minute now so we’d provide an alternative to the formalities. No doubt with their local connections the Chamber must feel as though they have gold plated protection from criticism from either us or the growing number of aggrieved former employees. However perhaps they’ll take more notice of their own ‘strategic partners’ –  well they are for now anyway!-  who have been getting in touch. It comes to something when their quite happy to share the Chamber’s  audited statutory accounts , revised Articles of Association and the agenda for the AGM. We wouldn’t want to spoil the excitement of tonight’s meeting by publishing them in advance but we would like publish this comment made by one of our sources about the accounts:

Chamber accounts……..less an income and expenditure statement which the
directors would rather not disclose!!!!!!
Moreover here’s a unique insight into how WCoC operates from one of their  ‘strategic partners’ which we guarantee won’t be aired at tonight’s meeting :
I work for a company who are strategic partners with the WCoC.
Well we are until the renewal date and then we will be leaving all together. What a disgrace. On more than one occasion we have used the cafe in the Lauries for dinner and seen the “Golden Girls” Paula Basnett, Kate Eugini, Sara Davies and I forget the other names, sat there drinking wine in the afternoon.
However, the main reason for my email is the Construction Forum run by Sara Davies. The summer forum saw us all at Thornton Hall Hotel (who were excellent by the way). The guest list was pure VIP!! Muse, YPG and Peel all there. Of course it was hard to speak to them because they were placed on a table at the front guarded by the “Golden Girls”. Did I mention the “Golden Girls” were necking bottles of Prosecco on the “Chamber” tab???? I saw 6 and I left at 7pm so God knows how many they had. Muse and Peel, once again, failed to answer any questions and “our chamber” failed to ask any questions.
Paula Basnett told me that she would be personally overseeing this!!! That’s a bit like Harvey Weinstein saying he will look after your wife!!!
I then attended the Construction Forum last month. Sara Davies promised the world, YPG, Carrol Build, Peel!! None turned up obviously, but then why would they when they had already told her they were not. They were placed there to attract people to the forum, which was awful!! “A talk from Jonathan Quinn”. Wow!!! I wont be slagging that gentleman off but let’s face it he brings nothing to the table does he!!!
I have also seen the 2 best members of the chamber staff leave (Lisa Furlong and my favorite Heather Heaton!!!). They both left having a gripe with the chamber!!!
They need new management!! And they need to start working FOR Wirral businesses!!!