Accountability ?

Rumours have reached Leaky-Towers that it seems there are some within “Beleaguered Wirral Council” (it’s official title) who are currently attempting to negotiate their “exit strategy” rather than face the music before the axe of justice descends. “Early retirements” and “Enhanced Voluntary Severance ” all round eh chaps? Oh and maybe a job at the Deputy Lieutenants Office office or how about the freedom of the borough ? It’s all the rage apparently for Wirral’s abject failures.

Lord and Lady Wirral-Leaks discussed this matter at length and decided that even an organisation as dysfunctional and abusive and down right stupid as Wirral Council couldn’t be dim enough to allow these careerist charlatans to make haste with tax payers money to the leafy Cheshire suburbs yet again ….could they ???

Credit Where Credits Actually Not Due !

An  itemised statement which led to the charges of misuse of corporate credit cards by a Senior Wirral Council Officer has been forwarded to Lord and Lady Wirralleaks. Oh My! It all looks a little “abnormal!” 
Among the items identified on the bill which aroused suspicions of no-one in particular until that pesky office cleaner  retrieved it from the Tray marked: ” Seriously Dodgy Shit – shred immediately”  included dozens of tins of white paint, building materials and lubricant.
Apparently when questioned by Internal Audit Manager I.C.Nuffin the Officer who had been in possession of the credit card claimed to merely be  carrying out Council instructions.
He went on to explain the tins of  paint were required for an extensive programme of whitewashing, the sand to enable Senior Officers and Councillors to bury their heads in it ,the cement to send incriminating documents placed in a trunk to the bottom of the Mersey because the shredder had spontaneously combusted and the Vaseline was for the,ahem, greasy pole…………….”   
The Senior Officer has subsequently been totally exonerated of any wrongdoing and  has been awarded a replica golden cone and a suitcase of used fivers”. 

Rotten Boroughs and The Price Of Failure

The Wirral Way ……………

and yet again they make Private Eye’s Rotten Boroughs. But they know no shame, …..anyone for golf?

What exactly has the new Director of Wirral DASS DONE ?

The only tangible thing we can see that new Wirral Social Services director Graham “Tom Sawyer”  Hodkinson has achieved since his arrival is to completely whitewash the truth.   So yet another false dawn disappears as Mr H dances to the same old WBC tune. “Nothing to see here” “time to move on” which actually means no accountability for these overpaid fuckwits

Another One Bites the dust…. Wirral Council

More rats leave the sinking Wirral ship ?  How much public money will Jimbo walk away with?  Was he threatened with Serious Absence Capability (SAC) whilst off sick? Did he have weekly intimidatory visits from Von Ryan under the guise of “welfare” ? Will he EVER be held accountable ?  We doubt it, but we predict he will leave with a nice fat pension, a glowing reference and probably join Windy Miller and Maddogz in “Club Payola For Retired Chief Execs”.

So whose in line next,  Dick (n)o’Brain?

Giant Arrives on Merseyside

Well when we say “giant” we mean “giant salary.” Solace Associate and Council troubleshooter Michael Fratler has been drafted in to sort out beleaguered Wirral Council on a  monthly salary of  £15,000 – “based on £1,200 per day, three days a week, 4.2 weeks per month.” Nice work if you can get it. Can anyone smell a gravy train pulling into Hamilton Square ?

Michael , who bears more than a passing resemblance to a middle aged Harry Potter , will certainly need a magic wand to defeat the ‘death eaters’ who infest the corridors of power in WBC and his appointment has been greeted with much triumphant harrumphing by readers of the  Wirral Globe. It seems they have found a new hero, although looking for a hero in “Solace” would seem as fatuous as looking for enduring talent in a Simon Cowell TV show. 

Lord and Lady Wirral-Leaks are not ones to burst anyone’s bubble, but maybe, for balance, we should check out Michaels “previous.”  A blog in Nottingham, an authority were MF had been Chief Exec, doesn’t seem particularly enamoured with his particular brand of public service wizardry and states –

“Michael Frater is the 3rd Chief Exec to leave Nottingham in the past 6 years. Pay-offs to the previous Chief Execs were £110,000 and £153,000 bringing the total amount Nottingham City Council has spent on getting rid of disgruntled execs to around half a million pounds. It looks like there’s quite a bit of money to be made in not getting along with your colleagues if you’re a Chief Executive. It’s good to know that our taxes are being well spent.

It’s not the only area in which Frater has been frittering away money. At the start of the month, by which time it is claimed he had already moved his furniture back to Telford, he was enjoying himself at a Nottingham City Council funded £52,000 beach party on the Cote d’Azur. Apparently he was wooing developers to invest in Nottingham at an international property show. It seems that we don’t have enough luxury flats in the city centre, making private profit for their millionaire owners whilst pushing affordable housing further into the periphery.

Frater has also come under fire for his commissioning of a play to improve public services. Rather than engaging in dialogue with Council employees, Frater thought that it would be better if actors presented the issues according a Council-approved script. This propaganda effort was to be directed at 3,500 Council workers and cost £387,000, more than £100 per person. Why the money couldn’t have been spent taking concrete measures to address the problems staff face was never addressed.”

Hmmm, you can read more HERE

So here at  Maison Forte De Wirral- Leaks we will not stringing up the bunting or  popping the Armand de Brignac open just yet.


Her worship-fulness, the mayor of the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral and Rock Ferry patron saint of the disabled, and defender of of human rights, Councillor Moira McLaughlin (above) has seen it. So has our much loved Council leader, the rubicund, puce hued Steve “Foulksey” Foulkes….  but we haven’t and we paid for the bugger!!!

For those council tax payers on The Wirral who have been following the Leveson and Mid-Staffordshire inquiries it must seem like they’re living in the past  “- a foreign country -they do things differently there” .
News reports of bullying cultures, gagging clauses,unlawful practices and cover ups seems to be oh so familiar to people on the Wirral.The only difference is that the Leveson/Mid-Staffs inquiries are being conducted in public and  powerful individuals are finally being subject to scrutiny and accountability.
Meanwhile the Wirral people having forked out £250K for a report into what exactly has been going on in Wirral Council are denied the opportunity to find out what all the fuss is about.Apparently this is because those who have been criticised or face allegations have a “right to reply”.

Excuse us but didn’t they have a “right of reply” during the investigation?
Lets face it this publicly funded pantomime has been going on long enough! So what exactly is happening now? – Are the not so great and not so good busily comparing notes and consulting lawyers with the intention of watering down the reports findings  so that it all becomes  “a bit of a kerfuffle”? .

I think we should be told !

Ooops! There we go again! This is The Wirral –  Motto: Nos Operor Res Diversus Hic ( “We do things differently here”)