*shut up,move on

As you all know Wirral Leaks is a satirical website with a serious intent but there are times when Wirral Council is so much a parody of itself it makes our job so much easier – even though ultimately the jokes on all of us!

As our growing number of sources testify Wirral Leaks won’t be running out of exclusives any time soon (indeed we’ve got a series of revelations which are coming to a head quite nicely).

In the meantime we have been sent the following cryptic message:

 ” ….. one of the things you need to look at is how come Dolores Umbrage and her cronies pay mega bucks for management gurus to come in and tell the load of incompetent managers how to ‘manage’

I am sure its a coincidence that some of her senior managers are then seen painting the town red, drinking and living it up with these self same management experts ….

Further to this here is one of the so called gurus he is called Paul McGee – the irony of it is that he preaches an approach where you ‘SUMO’ (shut up and move on) if it wasn’t so pathetic it would be hilarious


here’s  a picture of Mr McGee enjoying the high life with 2 highly paid HR Business Partners (no conflict of interest there then, sumo!) and 1 another “

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For research purposes we checked out Mr.McGee’s website and we can only agree with our source – absolutely hilarious. The self-styled SUMO Guy comes across to us as the lovechild of David Brent and Bet Lynch. With his patronising pop – psychology he is a one man walking, talking acronym (S.U.M.O. , C.R.A.M.S , M.A.D) a fridge magnet made flesh.

Sounding like Liam Gallagher with an NVQ in Advanced Bullshit SUMO Guy tells us about his style of  “Mancunian Motivation” which he identifies as :

  •     tell it like it is
  •     no bull
  •     let’s be really practical

After listening to this Her Ladyship declares she’s taking a leaf out SUMO Guy’s book and declares:

” I think these pseudo -guru types are  P – R-  I – C- K -S…….”

“What’s does that acronym stand for?…..” I ask

” It doesn’t. I just think they’re all pricks….but I didn’t want to use such a vulgar turn of phrase”

If indeed the SUMO Guy has been hired for the purposes of changing the workplace culture of Wirral Council then might we suggest that “Shut Up,Move On” is perhaps the most inappropriate catchphrase that could possibly have been adopted .
Is this really the way Wirral Council intend to lure back whistleblower Martin Morton back into the confederacy of dunces?

Talking of which – does anybody know where “The Return of  “Mad” Morton” is up to?

There are rumours he was sighted in Wallasey Town Hall recently – we can only wonder whether he has been bundled into the basement until after the local elections in May.

Meanwhile here is the final word on the SUMO Guy:

“May I on behalf of everyone at Manchester United who attended your session, thank you for a great presentation. The feedback has been excellent and all very positive and I know the ideas within your SUMO message are greatly appreciated.”

Kenneth Merrett,
Former Club Secretary, Manchester United FC

Need we say any more?……………