Two Banners


Banner 1: Wise words for voters from Dr Seuss

Whilst we’re more interested in the Sport of Kings we understand that there’s a big footie match taking place in the Eternal City tonight as Liverpool take on AC Roma in the Champion’s League semi-final second leg.

With tomorrow’s local elections in mind we couldn’t help wishing  a) football supporters took as much interest in local politics as they do in their chosen football team and b) that local politics wasn’t as tribal as some football supporters.

Let’s face it the local Labour campaign amounted to nothing more than ” Tory Cuts” and the local Conservative campaign amounted to nothing more than ” Money Wasters”.

All we can say in advance of tonight’s match is good luck to Liverpool and in advance of the local elections that the electorate  : a) vote and b) vote for the candidate that will deliver a difference to their local community and not someone who poses for a photograph with the local MP  every few years in the hope that some of their electoral lustre will rub off on them – then sits back and contributes little to the community or political debate, does as their told by the party hierarchy , treats council allowances as a second income and trades on the dubious honour of being a Wirral councillor.


Banner 2 : Wise words from Liverpool football supporters pic courtesy : Liverpool Echo