Readers may remember last year’s flooding incidents across Wirral and Moreton in particular and the subsequent devastation wreaked on people’s homes.


Well we’ve been leaked (!)  a subsequent report into Flood-gate . As the Lead Local Flood Authority  this  investigation was required to be undertaken by Wirral Council in accordance with  the Flood and Water Management Act (2010) so they could review how they and other statutory authorities such as United Utilities and the Environment Agency had responded to the emergency.

So how did they do ?.

You (and no doubt the sodden homeowners) won’t be surprised to hear  – not very well.

The report tells us :

‘Information about the scale and severity of the flooding was slow to surface and reach key decision makers’ and ‘misconceptions about roles and responsibilities of the different agencies impacted on the effectiveness of the flood incident response’


Yes folks – this translates as all these highly paid executives in various agencies were , er, out of their depth and nobody knew what they were supposed to be doing!.

But fear not there’s the usual heading in the report entitled “Lessons Learnt” so in the time honoured tradition everything will be fine until the next time …….and the time after that ……and the time after that.

In the mean time the various agencies have drawn up an Action Plan as ‘many residents consider themselves unprepared/unaware of the risks of flooding’ and therefore they will be  ‘promoting the growth of community based resilience’ .

Somewhat like a flood victim we’ve waded our way through this verbiage and it translates to us as :

” Nothing to do with us guv . If you live on a flood plain it’s your own fault – get used to it…….”