Burgesski’s Legacy


“Oh, the shark has pretty teeth dear
And he shows ’em, pearly white………………” (Mack the Knife)

So farewell then Wirral Council Chief Executive Graham Burgess aka Comrade Burgesski – The Man Who Tarted Up The Town Hall. And that is your lasting legacy …… a local government vampire with veneers as shiny and bright as soap opera starlet and just as false. However you will always be remembered at Leaky Towers for this pseudo-profound shallow soundbite :

” Having won the war, we must win the peace….”

Meanwhile we’re wondering whether George phoned Rob to tell him you were a “safe pair of hands” enabling you take up “a new challenge” with another shedload of cash – possibly after you’ve had the luxury of spending the dark months of January and February in the Algarve whilst in your wake the staff you left behind face redundancies and local services are slashed? We understand that Rob likes the Algarve too doesn’t he? (although not as much as himself ).

A parting message from Wirral Leaks: You didn’t win the war – you were just a collaborator and your weapons of choice were PR and BS.

– this one’s for you – put this on your i-Pod as you walk along the beach:

“I’ll give you anything,
anything to shut you up”

The Legacy ?