Halloween Special – House of Horrors – Keeping It Clean


Despite Her Ladyship’s suggestion that we need to widen our target audience to include the lowest common denominator , we would never stoop so low as to publish the torrent of scurrilous gossip and rumour currently pounding our inbox. But dearie,dearie me what a hotbed (ahem) of intrigue Wallasey Town Hall is turning out to be…..

For example we understand that the letter of resignation sent to Power Boy Pip from another Director running for the hills before they are forced to compromise their integrity is an eye-opener and lays bare the fact that Comrade Burgesski’s tenure as Chief Executive of Wirral Council has been one of IGNOMINIOUS FAILURE.

Remember Burgesski’s rebutting justified and ancient whistleblower Martin “Mad” Morton’s claim that the culture of Wirral Council hadn’t changed and that’s why he wouldn’t go back to work for them ? – and we understand the specifics of why he wouldn’t go back promises more gobsmacking revelations .However Burgesski bleated back that the Council had changed because the LGA (Lapdog Government Association) had said so – so there ner ner ne ner ner! …..

We think that all Burgesski achieved was to lay a thin veneer of gloss over a stinking cesspit.If only he was prepared to strip the varnish back as he had done with his office doors –  which sources now describe as washed out and characterless (which seems most appropriate).  However this superficial  makeover was clearly enough to dupe the LGA who seem ever reluctant to lift the carpet and to see the mound of detritus that Burgesski has shovelled there or in the darkest corners where the dirt and the filth festers away.

And to think that the LGA will be advising yet another set of consultants about the appointment of a new Chief Executive!
Er …. thanks but no thanks! SEE HERE

It seems to us that Wallasey Town Hall doesn’t need any more consultants it needs steam cleaning. Indeed ,we hate to blow our own trumpet , but we now realise just how prescient last years Wirral Leaks Halloween Special was:


“We began to wonder on this All Hallows Eve just how much has the Wirral Council horror-show been transformed since the arrival of Comrade Burgesski and the expensive window dressing that is the Improvement Board ? – A bit of expensive window dressing that calls itself voile but its basically a net(work) curtain to stop people knowing what’s really going on. By the way we’d leave this particular gig off your CV if we were you Ms.Redfearn and don’t worry we’re not going to ask for a big fat  LGA-sized consultancy fee for telling you that.

After considering a series of calamitous headlines, damning reports,botched investigations and the departure of various Chief Officers and senior staff we are minded to recall a scene from the classic spooky movie “Poltergeist.”The clip belwo especially resonates with us at Leaky Towers because we all agree that it’s no use moving the headstones from the cemetery when the bodies remain buried. If they’re not put to rest the skeletons will simply keep on rising up until they bring the house tumbling down.

We suspect that until there’s a decent burial it’ll be some time before get anyone declares that  “This house is clean…” especially when burial is confused with denial…..”

So Happy Halloween leakers …. and here’s a somewhat salient tune, if you’ve heard some of the toe curling stories we’ve been privy to of late. Watch this space