We like to peer behind the veneer of Wirral Council’s Most Improved Council tag and deflate the hype behind their 20/20 Vision and bring you the reality behind the fantasy wish fulfilment.

With this end we bring to your attention Cllr Adrian “Windbag” Jones’s performance at Monday’s Council meeting and his praise for the all new , all singing , all dancing Wirral Council website.As far as we can tell it just uses a bigger font but hey Her Ladyship and I aren’t complaining as we’ve mislaid our pince-nez and monocle respectively. So currently at Leaky Towers it’s not so much 20/20 vision as blurred vision !.

However Cllr Jones was keen to reassure councillors that the improvements to the website were made out of existing council resources – well except for 10 grand from the Local Government Association –  which makes us wonder as to whether this money just goes back and forth in a brown envelope between both organisations.This statement was no doubt made to stress that none of those cash-hungry consultants were involved in the miraculous transformation.

Jones did the obligatory praise the staff routine – although from what they tell us they don’t want praise they’d just prefer not to have to live in fear of redundancies, pay cuts , bullying managers and clueless councillors.

However it has been made clear to us that all is not well when it comes to some of the IT crowd.

We’re talking specifically here about the IT Helpdesk on which , according to our sources , Wirral Council has spent £400,000 +  on hiring consultants over the past 3 years.

This consultancy work included a survey undertaken asking other council departments what they thought of the IT Helpdesk.
Subsequently another consultant by the name of Tracey was brought in – this was the one who we have previously reported was struggling to get by on £900 a day ! – yes , not only £900 a day but she was paid this princely sum by our cash -strapped council over a period of two years!.
Once she left (probably after going into tax exile) it was another 12 months before staff were sent on a two day training event to help put the IT Helpdesk back on track (or should that be back online?).
Now we hear that the IT Helpdesk have the help of yet another consultant who are now doing the highly paid hand-holding and advising the IT Helpdesk on how to ask staff have they tried switching their computer off and switching it back on again.
Along the way we’re hearing the usual tales of nepotism,bullying,incompetence and grievances and the usual Wirral Council response of not tackling the underlying problems and questioning the calibre of their managers.
But why deal with all that unpleasantness when you can just squander public money hiring consultants ?!.