New Ferry,Old Tricks Part 2

Two years after the event here we have Wirral South MP Alison McGovern speaking in the House of Commons at a full adjournment debate and making the case for government funding to help the people of New Ferry following the devastation caused by an explosion.

Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 08.09.44

This is the response of Tory MP Jake Berry :



Meanwhile as we can see below it would seem that it’s an ill explosion that blows no good with our old friends North West Construction UK Ltd getting the lion’s share of Wirral Council spend on the aftermath of the New Ferry disaster. Other interesting expenditure includes Bam Nuttall and Siemens Mobility Limited – but we’ll return to that another time.

WBC Spend

Consequently a victim of the New Ferry blast contacts us and with a mix of exasperation and desperation tells us:

Either Jake is misleading the public or Wirral Borough Council are misleading him!

Can you help us at all?  This is a disgrace devastated by the lies to the public making people think we are being helped. Help us. Please help us. This could happen to anyone they say lessons must be learnt from our devastation. Wirral Council are about to shaft us again we have fought for 2 years. 2 years they have treated us like something they have stood in.The money that the council told the government would go directly to the victims is not to be discussed with the victims but now earmarked for community groups. And the new council are not prepared to meet with us until the 200k has been discussed and allocated…

The recovered spend tells a story all of its own. This is money claimed back from victims who all received bills. They were never told this would ever have to be paid for. They helped one particular business but no one else. It’s all very distressing. We all needed help…

And so it would appear that we have the usual Wirral Council story of making a disaster out of a disaster.We can’t help feeling that if perhaps the explosion had been a couple of miles up the road in Birkenhead the response from Wirral Council would  have been very different in terms of expediency and being responsive to the needs of local people.