Keeping It Classy


Somehow it seems inevitable that considering this year’s incumbent ( think Jim Royle meets Frank Gallagher sans the class)  that the glittering Mayors Ball held at Thornton Hall Hotel was marred by an incident involving a young woman being assaulted. The alleged assailant was an 18 year old man and the matter is now subject to a police investigation.

The incident initially lead us to ask as to what kind of riff raff Foulkesy had invited to the annual fund-raising event.  And then we found out the alleged assailant was his future stepson…………..

Also we’d like to ask whether the event is related (no pun intended) to an earlier incident we reported on Wirral Leaks involving two slap happy civic dignitaries?
I think we should be told!….but as Foulkesy and Lainey are keeping tight-lipped we thought we’d just let “justice” take it’s course and hope we don’t get a repeat of what happened with the Tranmere Rovers function suite incident.

Possibly not the first time the Mayors Balls have led to ‘trouble at mill’