U OK Ron?


Ron giving us the OK sign in happier times. Unfortunately his own party have given him the thumbs down! U OK Ron?

From our perspective things just seem to be getting  better and better on Wirral. Obviously we’re not talking about quality of life , but the endless opportunities for satire. Indeed the local political scene appears to be beyond satire. Our posts seem to write themselves – we just look for a picture and press ‘publish’.

The latest bout of hilarity comes courtesy of tittylipped Cllr Ron Abbey…or soon to be ex-councillor as he’s been deselected at a meeting of the Leasowe CLP in favour of a certain Karl Greaney . Following the meeting and, as ever, keeping it classy, Abbey tweeted yesterday :

Never mind 22 years of representing and significantly improving people’s lives. Deselected because I won’t be shackled by the loony politics of the left. These people will be the downfall of the Labour Party.

‘Significantly improving people’s lives?’  – If you say so Ron! Care to say exactly how? As for the comment ‘loony politics of the left’ – isn’t it reassuring to know that our Ron has kept his straight-talking sensibility to the very end , even when it comes to mental health issues …