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More on 5G and 5G testing in Liverpool

Liverpool and Wirral Councils, in combination with telecom companies, have been quietly rolling out the 5G infrastructure grid WITHOUT SAFETY TESTING, WITHOUT CONSULTATION, WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE and WITHOUT APPROVAL TO BE EXPERIMENTED UPON. 

As discussed in previous articles 5G is NOT an upgrade to 4G. 5G phased array, beam forming small cells will be everywhere and will forcibly expose everyone to hundreds of times the radiation levels that we have already been exposed to by 2G, 3G, 4G, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth devises. As a reminder the ONLY safety testing that the ICNIRP guidelines expect Councils, Government and Industry to work to is if one single devise does not heat up a fluid filled dummy head by 2 degrees over a short c. 6 minute exposure. There is and never has been ANY biological safety testing on continuous exposure and to multiple frequencies and devises. Many people are already unknowingly suffering from radiation related exposure health issues such as anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, tinnitus, behavioural issues, rashes, memory loss, infertility as well as increased levels of autism, dementia and cancer to name a few. Birds and insects continue to decline unable to withstand the radiation fields. Mature trees and hedges are felled to remove signal obstacles.

Liverpool City Council has been given over £200m to roll out an unlicensed 5G network across Kensington in Liverpool.  Unlicensed meaning they will use their own network and not have to pay the telecoms company for using theirs.

Blu Wireless are providing much of the technology in the form of nodes to be attached to street lamps, street furniture, under manhole covers and on buildings. As millimetre wave technology cannot effectively pass through trees or walls they have to get around this. Trees will get felled although there aren’t many trees in Kensington so this may not be so obvious here. However, this explains the mass tree fellings taking place across Liverpool, the Wirral, the rail network and the UK. Trees are 5G obstacles…this is a FACT…and was heard directly from the horse’s mouth at a recent Council meeting. To get around concrete, the nodes will also be attached to buildings such as care homes, old people’s homes, possible schools. No permission is needed unless you own your own house. This will create a spider web of intense, inescapable wireless radiation. The council aim to equip 66,000 street lamps with the nodes effectively blanketing Liverpool and the Wirral with this lethal technology.

So, what are some of the plans for 5G in the Kensington test bed and the insane rationale for this rapidly proliferating crime against humanity and the environment?…

The Council claim that 60% of people in Kensington don’t have access to the internet and that 5G will improve health and social care….mmmm….how caring and benevolent.  This seems just as unlikely a connection as how the new ‘smart meter’ push adverts are trying to convince us that irradiating us and collecting our data will help us ‘breath clean air’.

They claim that there are lots of children in the Kensington area that cannot do their homework because they don’t have access to the internet. As the families would still need to buy access to the 5G internet data and buy a laptop, tablet or computer, it seems illogical how 5G will help as 4G would still do the trick. No such thing as a free lunch. Families and schools should be encouraged / helped to have safe hardwired (non WiFi/non mobile) access to the internet to minimise radiation exposure to their growing children and safeguard their health.  This would improve health and social care, not 5G.

Cancers take many years to develop. All children and young adults have now been exposed to wireless cell phone and WiFi radiation since in the womb and it seems no coincidence that cancer rates in the under 15’s are now around 1 in 5 with cancer rates in the population at 1 in 2. Oh well….at least the children can do their homework with a 5G node installed outside their bedroom window exposing them to hundreds of times the radiation levels we already have. Phew, our future is secure.

Meanwhile, the old and vulnerable can silently increase their risk of dementia and degenerative diseases whilst talking to their virtual wireless assistant (i.e. spying devise) warming themselves on the 5G network radiation spewing into their homes. The planned Medi Hub devices equipped with a camera are intended to save the council money on having to send carers out to check on them. The device will ring like a phone and the person will answer, someone from a central hub will watch them take their medication etc. the call will end. These soulless devices have been getting trialled out and the users are reportedly not happy as they have been told to keep everything plugged in where they would normally switch things off for safety reasons and to save money on electricity. Leaving things on totally goes against any advise you would get off an electrician or fire safety officer or to save the climate. Their energy bills will increase but don’t worry, they will no doubt have a smart meter pulsing radiation into their homes every 10 seconds monitoring their usage and movements back to a central hub. In a recent Council meeting, they only seemed concerned with how to ensure old people left every electrical wireless devise on, no mention of testing the health effects of radiation and isolation. Such an ill conceived plan will not only lead to radiation increased illness, it will also definitely lead to terrible isolation as the carer might be the only person they see which in turn will lead to a deterioration in physical and mental health costing the NHS more money. But no worries, a premature ending will save money in the end.

Medi Hub owner Paman confirmed that this technology could in fact also run off 3G and 4G.  Children should most definitely also be using hard-wired connections to minimise wireless exposure. So, just on these two counts alone, it begs the question, why are the Council so keen to roll out 5G under the guise of improving health and social care? Money and control might come into the mix along with conveniently having laid the infrastructure for other technologies and promised savings such as connected autonomous vehicles which will pierce pedestrians and cyclists bodies with c. 25 high frequency beams on each vehicle beam forming to the nearest lamppost; Transport jobs will be lost; Jobs, as well as health, will be lost in factories with AI and robotics; and cows will be tortured with 5G radiation devises around their necks as they enter automatic milking machines during their miserable farming ordeal. Some more great cost savings there. But hey, you can download an HD video in under one second with 5G and sit on the couch waiting for your fast food drone delivery, so all good.

The fact is 5G will involve a massive increase in forced radiation exposure to children (who will be encouraged to spend even more time in front of their addictive tablet devises) and old vulnerable people (who will have their care workers removed and replaced with spying camera devises). Oh, we nearly forgot…”as rising rates of stress and burnout for healthcare professionals coincide with increased demand for personalised patient care, 5G technology provides a solution that takes the pressure off all parties”, according to the manufactures. What an improvement for health and social care, a total success for the test bed!!!  Every living creature will be unable to escape the radiation web….certainly the ICNIRP has never performed a safety test on insects, birds, plants, bacteria, let alone a living human cell.

The council have perhaps been paid a lot of money and promised a lot of savings to roll this out. Perhaps they have just been misled. Perhaps they haven’t thought twice about the health side of it or conducted even the most basic research other than blindly believing the ICNIRP safety mantra. Perhaps they actually really believe the blatant lies that irradiating every living creature with this technology will help produce sustainable savings, economic growth or carbon reduction. Or…perhaps they are indeed fully complicit in this crime. Big industry and Government clearly do not care about our health but surely the Council members overseeing this atrocity are also local people and need to know of the dangers of proliferating wireless technology and especially 5G, because what they are doing will most certainly harm and kill people including their own families.

A top UK scientist was asked by the government to test 5G. He said ok great it will take 15 years, 10 years to test and 5 years to gather and process findings. The government said no we want you to test it for 10 minutes.  He said “you are going to kill people”. He had to do the 10 minute testing and wishes to remain anonymous. That is not biological testing, That is seeing if a fluid filled dummy head heats up in a few minutes or such like.

You can see a little more about this technology on the following links.





The attached pictures show some of the Council meeting in action.


In the meantime, the rest of the 5G roll out seems to be controlled by private mobile operators and no permission is required to install 5G on existing infrastructure and planning applications do not need to state 5G. So, it is almost impossible to ascertain what is being rolled out and where, certainly the Council do not know when information is requested. 

This is a typical response from the Council…”mobile broadband will be the first application of 5G to be rolled out commercially. The roll-out of 5G mobile broadband is led by commercial mobile network operators (MNOs) and roll-out plans are not usually publicly available. Some MNOs have begun 5G trials and announced early network roll-out plans beginning in 2019. Trials for 5G applications and use cases are ongoing, for example, through the Government’s 5G Testbeds and Trials programme. The type and scale of 5G applications is still unknown and developing. Further information about 5G can be found via the parliamentary research briefing: https://researchbriefings.parliament.uk/ResearchBriefing/Summary/CBP-7883
On 24th February, a Freedom of Information Request was submitted to Wirral Council regarding 5G technology. The status of 5G technology in Wirral will be clearer once the authority publishes their response: 

So, it is clear that even against the woefully inadequate ICNIRP guidelines no ‘body’ is even capable of testing that radiation levels are not exceeded in any one location as, even if they had a testing team, no one even knows what is being installed, by which company and where! As you cannot see, taste or touch radiation, people will only know from adverse health effects by which time it is too late, the damage is done. Many people will (and are already) suffer from electro hypersensitivity but as there is no danger according to ICNIRP, no council or doctor will take them seriously or care. Not so long ago corrupt industry science convinced everyone, including doctors who prescribed smoking to their patients for sore throats that smoking was good for you.

As you can hopefully see by now there is no need for 5G at all for the public and the health risks and issues from forced exposure surely far outweigh any benefits. 5G has so far been halted in Florida, Switzerland, Belgium and more as local residents and scientists are concerned about the health aspect. No testing can prove that it is safe, because quite simply it is not. 5G is a weapons grade, directed energy beam forming control grid. 

Finally, just to point out….5G and wireless technology will NOT save us from climate change as the new insane push by ‘Smart England’ and industry advertising will have you believe. This point is ominously missed out from all climate and extinction discussions in the industry sponsored media and frenzy to install 5G, sell electric vehicles and all manner of smart products: 

  • 5G will use more energy and increase pollution by encouraging us to unnecessarily replace existing devices and buy new devices that use energy to be manufactured and powered.
  • 5G will increase misery for children down mines in areas of the world where conflict minerals are mined to power the RF chips and batteries.
  • 5G will increase toxic landfill as old, perfectly functioning, devises are dis-guarded and sent to landfill or sifted through by children in the 3rd world dumps for a dollar a day.
  • 5G will increase energy usage as the internet and data centres require VAST amounts of energy to process and store the data.
  • 5G will encourage even more unsociability in the young as they are glued to HD videos, mobile games and virtual reality.
  • 5G will increase global warming as massive amounts of rocket fuel are required to launch supporting satellites. Ozone will be destroyed.
  • 5G satellites will give off massive amounts of micro and milli meter waves into the upper atmosphere from space based infrastructure.
  • Mmwave radiation from ground based 5G infrastructure will beam directly into our homes and bedrooms.
  • 5G will replace jobs in factories, transport, farming, teaching, healthcare and more.
  • 5G will monitor and record your every move.
  • 5G radiation will damage health, kill insects, birds and wildlife and contribute massively to the destruction of the already delicate environment. If 5G is deployed we really are likely to only have 12 years left before every living creature, including ourselves is extinct.
  • Trees and hedges will be felled to make way for the 5G signals to pass.
  • 5G is NOT smart!
  • 5G is NOT green!
  • 5G is NOT essential to the economy, health or social care.

Governments, Councils and Industry continue to deny that wireless radiation is harmful to health and the environment even though this has been known for decades and despite the fact that hundreds of scientists across the globe are urgently calling for caution with wireless exposure and halt 5G. Industry and Governments are now frantically using the ‘Climate Change’ emergency to dupe the unsuspecting public into accepting the push for the ‘Smart Agenda’ of which 5G, LED lampposts with 5G transmitters and smart meters form the basis of the ground infrastructure grid. Most people are blissfully unaware of the horror the space based radiation plans. Thousands of satellites are also planned which will utilise enormous quantities of rocket fuel capable, in itself, of increasing global warming by several degrees. 20-40 % of ALL available power in the world is projected to be required to cool and power huge data centres for the data Cloud. 

5G and the Internet of Things is NOT SMART, NOT GREEN and NOT ESSENTIAL to the economy. It is however, a radiation grid that will be inescapable and will allow total control over every aspect of our lives with this weapons grade technology. 

Still don’t believe the dangers of 5G…

Below are some links to further reading. There are many many more and others in our previous articles.






Revolutionary 5G testing in Liverpool and its potentially deadly effects

WUTH – Carr Crash OUT, Sir Diddy IN

Here follows a further couple of more usual leaks from Wirral University Teaching Hospital (aka Arrowe Park & Clatterbridge hospitals) following yesterday’s report of the big water leak at APH:

I thought you would be interested in the fact that Michael Carr has resigned this week as Chairman of Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.It is likely that NHS Improvement advised him to stand down, following the resignation of David Allison, CEO.The Trust can only benefit from the replacement of both.

Henshaw 029

It comes as no surprise that Michael Carr the chair of WUTH hospital has ‘quit’ after a leaked report exposed widespread bullying at APH.

Carr Quits

This leaked report highlighted claims of “totally unacceptable” behaviour, evidence of “tribal divisions” and junior staff “set up to fail”. As we’ve previously reported regulator NHS Improvement is investigating “cultural, behavioural and governance issues” at WUTH .Of course this is all very familiar to Wirral Leaks readers as another source tells us :

It’s hellish in Arrowe (Park Hospital) , same problem as the Council, drone management and bullying….

Read more here :

WUTH : Leaks to Cascade

Advent Farewell 22 : WUTH – less this Christmas

So what does come as a surprise is that the appalling NHS Improvement – the expression ‘physician heal thyself’ comes to mind – has appointed another notorious bully ‘Sir’ Diddy David Henshaw as the interim chair!

Or perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise – have you noticed how the likes of Sir Diddy always find another  highly remunerated ride on the public sector merry go round after they’ve ‘retired’ with a bumper cheque ? Sir Diddy has previously ‘served’ as CEO of Liverpool and Knowsley Councils and left a trail of controversy in his wake.

You can do you own internet searches on this piece of work – but try this for starters : Henshaw’s Evil Cabal

One of the glowing eulogies comes from current Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy : “A man in whom I have no confidence and for whom I have no respect” – and that’s one of the kinder comments.

Inevitably late to the part comes along Frank Field ,wading in where he’s not wanted. Frankenfield wants to “ensure commissioners are sent in both to protect those staff providing an excellent service and with the instructions to root out the thugs and the bullies” : NHS Thugs

The hypocrisy on display here – even for Frankenfield – is absolutely staggering. This is the man who was instrumental in PREVENTING commissioners being sent in to Wirral Council in 2012 when a widespread and corrosive bullying culture was exposed. No consideration of the need to protect council staff or attempts to root out the thugs and bullies then was there ? Could it have been that Frankenfield  knew that some of the most prominent  ‘thugs’ and ‘bullies’ were in the local Labour group -and are still in positions of power?

Is it any wonder the inglorious legacy of this duplicity is that we now discover mental health sick days among Wirral Council staff is at an  eight year high. An ‘Absence Management’ report to be discussed at next weeks Employment and Appointments Committee states:

“A range of initiatives including a focus on mental health support are in place.These activities include targeted approaches for specific areas and universal programmes for all staff with an ethos to support all employees across the organisation.Monitoring and oversight has been further developed to ensure accountability at all organisational levels is in place.”

As you can tell from this anodyne management speak Wirral Council remains in denial it has a bullying culture. Until it does – it will remain a sick organisation.  Wirral University Teaching Hospital bosses and regulators take heed.

Wirral Leaks Weekly Dispatch #4


WW1 : Artist’s impression # 256


As far as ‘Wirral Waters’ press releases goes this really is the best one yet. You can almost smell the desperation.  Note how the quietly abandoned ‘Wirral Waters’ scheme has suddenly and mysteriously been ‘transformed’ into ‘Wirral Waters One’ . Whoever thought of that new branding needs shooting – say it out loud , it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue does it? Can we also point out that when it comes to acronyms WW1 has already been taken? Just sayin’

Apparently Wirral Council’s Cabinet will announce tomorrow that a massive (! )£100,000 will ‘kick start’ a £90,000,000 residential development in ‘Wirral Waters One’ !

The proposal is a joint venture between the council and landowners Peel Holdings, and includes the Legacy Foundation – an investment fund established by former Tranmere Rovers player Aaron Cresswell………..The Legacy Foundation will provide £100,000 of funding in the first year to be invested in community activities. Full story : Wirral Waters One

We don’t get a breakdown of the total investment between Peel Holdings/ Wirral Council/Legacy Foundation but you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be Wirral Council (or more accurately Wirral council taxpayers) who will be putting their hands the deepest into their pockets when it comes to ‘kick starting’ this proposal. Nor do we get an explanation as to what is meant by ‘community activities’

Instead stepping up to take credit for the momentous investment was Birkenhead MP Frank Field  (huh?)

“An idea bringing the largest programme of new housing to Wirral in living memory, announced today, is the brainchild of Andrew Forsey who is the head of my Parliamentary office.Through his work in making contact with footballers interested in making long term investments from their pensions. Andrew helped to persuade a crop of current and former Premier League players – including Aaron Cresswell, who was a Tranmere Rovers player and now plays for West Ham – to see whether it would be possible for his investment fund to begin work in Wirral Waters.”

Is it just us ? – or is is there something vaguely nauseating about poverty tourist Frank Field’s parliamentary office brainstorming about the ‘loadsamonies’ who they can approach with the begging bowl without considering whether it’s morally right that footballers and the like can earn such huge sums of money or question as to whether as a society we’ve got our values all wrong? Nevertheless it is interesting to discover that Wirral’s ‘largest programme of new housing’ is somehow the responsibility of Frank Field’s Parliamentary office isn’t it?!

NUMBER – CRUNCHING   – Aaron Cresswell’s  current fortnightly salary at West Ham Utd  = £100,000 ! (well fancy that!)  See here : West Ham Utd Salaries 2018

So what we’d like tomorrow’s Cabinet meeting to do is finally come clean and announce that ‘Wirral Waters One’ and indeed the ‘ Hoylake Golf Resort’ proposal are merely opportunistic housing developments and quit the soft soap.


                                                              Vexatious , Moi?

Wirral Council seemed to have backed off the desperate claim that Wirral Council taxpayer Charles Nunn is ‘vexatious’ for asking pertinent questions about the continuing employment of highly paid consultant Stewart Halliday . See their latest response here : Halliday FOI

Mr Nunn comments :

At last a part reply to my F.of Information request.
Halliday has had his contract extended for a further SIX MONTHS from 1st. January, 2018.
Another £90,000 odd from the Wirral Council Tax payer.
It may be worth a mention in your esteemed publication.


                                           CGL:  “……and nobody seemed to care “

Many thanks to those who keep us appraised of national charity Change,Grow Live who are the grateful recipient of Wirral’s largest ( £7 million +) Public Health contract. Their latest mishap involves them in a massive data breach involving abandoned files found in an empty Tameside office  containing highly personal details about the lives of vulnerable young people – including abuse survivors. Once again we fear we have seen the future of health and social care. Be afraid, be very afraid.

CGL- Tameside


                                                     Posted Truth

A source writes :

By way of obscure and tenuous response to you excellent ‘Post Truth’ contribution/blog

… I am sending you this ‘Posted Truth’ image… I reckon you could say it is both a statement of fact…. and a protest. (Which I obviously feel to be a good thing).

Posted Truth



                                                       De-Stressed Eric 

A local barfly informs us :

Eric (Robinson) was recently seen in a pub in Liverpool when he should have been working – the pub being ‘Brew Dog’ dressed in casuals.
The council is no better than when we had the other 3 – it’s probably worse.

Now we can’t confirm whether Stressed Eric was on council duty or not whilst allegedly quaffing the craft ale – but we have to ask as to whether anyone would notice the difference ? Plus we simply don’t want to think about him dressed in his ‘casuals’.

Having said that we don’t need convincing that Wirral Council is worse than ever under his , ahem, ‘leadership’  As for ‘the other 3’ – whoever could they mean?!


                                               A Cautionary Tale

In Wirral Leaks Weekly Dispatch #2 we commented on recent developments where Mayor Joe Anderson was interviewed  by Merseyside Police ‘under caution’ in relation to the ongoing fraud probe involving Liverpool City Council CEO Ged Fitzgerald and others. We now hear of someone closer to home who it is alleged was also interviewed under caution by Merseyside Police in relation to an altogether different matter. However such are the extreme sensitivities surrounding this particular case we are precluded from reporting any further. Nevertheless we will be following developments with interest….

Any Old Ion

Regen 010

Currently awaiting artist’s impression.

Have you noticed how the supposed grand plans for the regeneration of Wirral (and Birkenhead in particular) are being disseminated in the the press in exactly the same incoherent , opportunistic and uncoordinated  way.

For example we’ve already covered how the charisma free zone that is Wirral Council CEO Eric ‘Feeble’ Robinson chose the trade press Inside Media (who?) to tease us about future major land and property deals Double Dealers

Subsequently there then followed  an announcement in the Liverpool Echo that there were plans to convert Wirral Council’s former finance building into student flats under the title ‘ Hamilton Hub’ (groan ). Here we learned that Liverpool-based developer YPG wants to convert these offices in Cleveland Street into an ‘apartment complex’ for 200 students. Hamilton Hub

Sze Ming Yeung, managing director of YPG, said: “Our research tells us there is a real appetite for this kind of student and key worker accommodation in the centre of Birkenhead, partly because of the city region’s excellent cross-river transport links.

Since YPG were set up in 2015 have been busy  helping turn Liverpool city centre into ‘Studentland’. It also won’t surprise you to read  HERE that Asif Hamid’s  Contact Company and YPG have teamed up on the controversial Monarch’s Quay development in Liverpool about which we commented on here :  Asif Attack

Well it would now appear that another one of these landscape changing deals is now out in the open. As apparently the developer behind the controversial Lime Street redevelopment in Liverpool has bought the site of an old Birkenhead railway station – and has vowed to use the land to transform the town. Into what?  Reno? Or has that desert mirage faded before our very eyes too ? We can hardly wait for the artist’s impressions !

We learn from the Liverpool Echo that Ion Property Developments has bought the site of the former Birkenhead Town station, off Tunnel Road between Borough Road and the Rock Retail Park. Ion, formerly known as Neptune Developments, has not yet revealed what it plans for the land. But it says the site is “in a strategic position for the regeneration of Birkenhead town centre”. Read the fully story here : Old Site

Wirral Leaks readers may remember that Neptune Developments had exciting plans to redevelop Birkenhead town centre and which included (gasp!) a drive-thru McDonald’s .  Mysteriously Neptune’s plans were kicked to the kerb by Wirral Council only to be replaced by new plans for  ,er,  a drive -thru Maccy D’s !

So now that Neptune Developments have had a re-branding and changed their name to Ion Property Developments could Managing Director Steve Parry be getting in on Asif Hamid’s act and is acquiring land and sitting back and waiting for the grants of public money to enable them to develop a bit of particularly undesirable piece of derelict land ? Of course Ion don’t quite have Hamid’s position of power and influence as chair of the Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Board . We await developments (pun intended) with interest.

Meanwhile Wirral Globe are gamely still referring  to ‘the Wirral Waters regeneration project’ in a story about an ‘art installation’ on the site of what perhaps should have been an ‘International Trade Centre’. Forgive us for being so cynical but after the Stella Shiu debacle we feel we’re in for a continual series of piecemeal , ad-hoc developments being heralded as part of the ‘Wirral Waters regeneration project’ rather than the comprehensive transformation we’ve been sold . As a highways feasibility study tender issued last week demonstrates it would seem that there is still a long and winding road to travel before the Wirral waters regeneration project’ becomes a reality.

Regen 021

As an aside an interesting aspect of this story Wirral Waters  was the accompanying picture which included  ‘Community Arts Facilitator’ Cathy Warren alongside Birkenhead MP Frank Field. Could Ms Warren be in any way related to Frankenfield’s favoured report writer and former Judge Nicholas Warren?  I’m sure all of you who know how things work round here will know the answer to that one. 

Praise for Wirral Waters' art installation

Pic : Wirral Globe

Finally a concerned correspondent from over the Mersey has been in touch to provide us with a salutary tale and timely reminder as to what can happenwhen Due Diligence is sacrificed in favour of headline grabbing developments .

According to the Department for International Trade, ‘The UK continues to attract record levels of inward investment and remains extremely attractive to foreign investors.’ In fact George Osborne went to China with the Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson to promote the ‘Northern Pitchbook’, with the £200 million New Chinatown development in Liverpool being the ‘centerpiece’ development 
In terms of Cash Only/Investor development investments, this is fast becoming a national scandal, which will have a very negative affect on UK/Chinese relations, and will seriously limit inward investment into the Northern Powerhouse. 
FACT 1 – Record numbers of Chinese and Hong Kong investors have been putting their money into northern developments, especially student accommodation and city apartments .Investors have to put 75% cash up front and the developments are usually ‘off-plan’. This means, in many cases, that not even the foundations have been built. 
FACT 2 – This has attracted the very ‘worst!’ of developers, which can be seen from the following information: 
[1] Angelgate Development- Manchester – which was developed by Pinnacle MC Global and went into liquidation in April 2015, leaving the development unfinished [foundations only]. By August, the developer told buyers the project had been “seriously undervalued” by around £14 million (HK$140.04 million), requiring additional funding in order to complete. The developer gave Angelgate [mainly Chinese/Hong Kong] investors two options: contribute more money to complete the project, or handle the construction themselves.According to a solicitor’s update from Pinnacle, a total of £13.2 million went to commissions and fees, with £7.9 million spent on “overheads, running costs and profits. [this begs the question: how can developers take profits when the development hasn’t actually been built]”An Angelgate investor said an estimated £32 million (HK$330 million) had been paid in deposit money from the buyers in the steering committee and they had filed reports with local police and fraud action groups.

 The Angelgate project was a scam and investors felt helpless, she said. One of the men involved in this development, Tony Freeman, has been arrested by the police. 
[2] Investors from around the world say they will never put money into Liverpool again after their experience of dealing with a city “landlord from hell”.

 They have been bombarding council chief executive Ged Fitzgerald [this man has also been arrested by the police for suspicion of conspiring to pervert the course of justice and intimidating witnesses.]with complaints about Nigel Russell, who runs a number of student properties around Liverpool. Investors say that if the council had carried out Due Diligence then they and fellow investors from as far away as Canada, Brunei, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines may not have had to endure what they called years of hell.

 They had to endure months without any payments, and some had put their life savings into buying units from Mr Russell. Nigel Russell has been arrested by the police 
[3] £200 million – New Chinatown development – The companies involved in this development were given ‘preferred developer ‘status by Liverpool City Council without any proper Due Diligence being carried out. There was significant investment by Chinese and Hong Kong investors. With only the foundations completed, two of the construction companies involved have gone into liquidation and the development is at a halt.

[4] Baltic House – The companies involved in this development are on the point of liquidation. There was significant investment by Chinese and Hong Kong investors. With only the foundations and a small amount of the construction completed this project is at a halt. 
[5] The Paramount – There was significant investment by Chinese and Hong Kong investors. The development is only half built with 140 Chinese students living in the built half. This building is probably dangerous and building is at a halt

[5]Berry House – There was significant investment by Chinese and Hong Kong investors. The company involved is close to liquidation-no building work completed at all.

[6] North Point – There was significant investment by Chinese and Hong Kong investors. The company involved is close to liquidation-very little building work completed .

[7] St James Court – sold to investors, but absolutely no building works even started

[8]Metalworks – sold to investors, but absolutely no building works even started

[9] Eldon Grove – sold to investors, but absolutely no building works even started

It is clear from the above information that Manchester and Liverpool City Councils [as just examples] are not carrying out Due Diligence and are leaving investors prey to criminals. It is quite evident that this is going to lead to a significant reduction in the number of foreign investors in the North West [Northern Powerhouse] and a deterioration in the Chinese/UK economic relationship. 


Say ALO , Wave Goodbye


Power Boy Pip’s public services philosophy – not so much arm’s length as throwing them to the dogs and/or Wirral Chamber of Commerce

We are grateful to another contributor with inside knowledge and an enquiring mind. ‘Retired WBC Officer’ writes to us with the following observations:

Hi Guys
Reading Granty in the WG (Wirral Globe)  today led me to the following……….
I was struck by …………..
“A core aim of the team will be to encourage new businesses to set up shop in Wirral, and Cllr Davies believes the borough’s thriving visitor economy, maritime sector and reputation as a leading manufacturing hub will be among its key draws.
The company will also champion Wirral assets including the Wirral Waters regeneration zone, Hamilton Square, Woodside, Birkenhead town centre and the revamped Hoylake Golf Resort.
Cllr Davies adds: “I’m confident that these plans will enhance the opportunities on offer in areas like Wirral Waters. Obviously we work very closely with Peel and Wirral Waters is an enterprise zone so hopefully we’ll be able to promote that more effectively with these plans in place.
“There are a myriad of regeneration opportunities in the borough and I think this new company will be an excellent delivery vehicle to more effectively promote them.”
ALOs the new way forward?  Google the recent history.
Soon only the top brass will be employed at local authority,everyone else privatised.
We advise our readers to check out the above the links and we’d be grateful if someone   can tell us exactly what Wirral Council ‘leader’ Cllr Phil ‘ Power Boy Pip’ Davies means when he says:“Risks can be mitigated by looking ahead and using business intelligence and expertise out there in Wirral to ensure that we act in a timely and appropriate way.”
We tried Google Translate but they messaged us back to say they don’t do BS.
However whilst we know that Arms-Length Organisations (ALOs) are not-for-profit companies and, by establishing them, councils retain a discrete degree of control through funding agreements and boardroom influence we think they’re merely a staging post to full privatisation.  So say ALO and you can wave goodbye to public services! We are appalled (but not surprised) that a Labour council would embrace the move towards them quite so enthusiastically.  However we certainly understand why the current Wirral Council  administration would – as whilst they retain a measure of control over services the public accountability would be greatly diminished. And as we know they’re not great fans of any form of scrutiny or accountability.
‘Retired WBC Officer’ is absolutely right when they say that ‘ Soon only the top brass will be employed at local authority,everyone else privatised.’  Indeed it has been Wirral Council’s long stated intention to become a ‘Strategic Commissioning Hub’ . Talk about being hidden in plain sight!
What we deeply resent at Leaky Towers is those being paid handsomely for dismantling public services are usually the same municipal mercenaries sitting in waiting to benefit from the deliberately underfunded demise ( see also the NHS).
If you want to know why bullying thrives in organisations such as Wirral Council you need to look no further than the self serving mediocrities making a good living overseeing the destruction of underfunded public services and woe betide any one who questions them!
Notwithstanding the fact that one of the reasons Liverpool’s Director of Social Services Samih Kalakeche  recently resigned included the desire to go travelling – oh to have that luxury!-  we give him kudos for acknowledging that the way things are going social care may not exist soon if we don’t defend our public services.
Therefore might we humbly suggest on Wirral that politicians of all parties , council employees , unions and council taxpayers join together in saying ALOs are not the way to go. And yes – that particularly includes Wirral Evolutions…………….