Wirral Leaks Weekly Dispatch #16



Desperate stuff from beleaguered Wirral Council leader  Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies on the announcement that those French puppets on steroids will be visiting your shores in the autumn .

Wirral Council leader Phil Davies said: “We are thrilled to be welcoming the Giants across the Mersey for the first time.Wirral is thriving – we have huge regeneration schemes coming to fruition, thousands of jobs being created through our Wirral Growth Company, and a programme of incredibly exciting events taking place throughout the year as part of Imagine Wirral. Working with our colleagues in the Liverpool City Region to bring huge events like the Giants to our shores is exactly the kind of thing we should be doing.These events attract thousands of visitors to our region, boosting local businesses and helping local people and families create memories which will stay with them forever.”

Read full story here : Giants

Is anyone taken in by this ocean-going, international bullshit? Just you watch Power Boy Pip will be gegging in on the Tranmere Rovers ascendancy to the Football League next. However can we just remind everyone he’s talking about puppets.  They maybe bloody big puppets but the expression ‘Bread & Circuses’ comes to mind. We can admire the artistry and the technical skill involved but at the end of the day they’re just bloody big puppets.

And Lord knows Pip must know what that feels like! Let’s face it he (and others) have been Frank Field’s puppets for years!



You may remember we’ve previously covered the hyperbole surrounding award-winning  Wirral Chamber of Commerce offshoot Birkenhead Business Improvement District (BID) who made a big deal about cleaning  up the town like Gary Cooper in ‘High Noon’  Read more here : Chamber of Horrors

So imagine our surprise ( not!) to receive this message and the accompanying  photo above:

Good to see the Birkenhead BID outfit who take money of businesses in Birkenhead to tidy the town up.Maybe they should sort their own shop out!



We note with a certain amount of cynicism how suddenly everyone seems to be gegging in on the litter Hitlers known as Kingdom Security and how they are simply aghast at their practices.  The newest guest late to the party is ‘Local Democracy Reporter’ Tom  ‘Media’ Houghton . We’ll be returning to the matter of ‘Local Democracy Reporters’ at a later date but meanwhile here’s his Eye Watering Sums story which notes that  Kingdom began issuing fixed penalty notices on behalf of Wirral Council back in July 2015. Shame we started raising concerns about Kingdom within months of their appointment : Cash for Trash

As we said way back then ‘Fixed Penalty Notices’ are not about caring about the environment but about cold hard cash for a wasteful council.


Another story covered by Young Tom was the announcement that a couple of Wirral pubs would be turned into a) flats and b) a restaurant and which informed us :

Paul Doughty, who is the agent involved in the proposals, said: “It’s a well-located building in a prominent position and we are hoping these plans will be approved.There’s been no objections to date. The client already has a successful restaurant in Prenton. There’s a shortage of good quality places to go and have a meal in Birkenhead generally, so we are hoping it will be a good addition to the local economy – creating jobs and providing a place for people to eat and socialise.”

Full story here : Changes

Could this be COUNCILLOR Paul ‘Danceaway’ Doughty we ask ourselves? If so Doughty seems to have become involved with a ‘colourful character’  by the name of ‘Michael’ Read more here : Wirral Life -But Not As We Know It!

It would certainly explain as to why a member of the public questioned the number of Labour election posters that were recently on display above the restaurant where ‘Michael’ is the manager.

Of course Doughty is not a stranger to such hook ups having previously been involved with another ‘colourful character ‘ – notorious flytipper Arthur Morgan. Read more here :  Architecture and Morality

Might we suggest that Mr Houghton would unearth a particularly rich seam if he cared to investigate these connections further.


King Street, Wallasey. Not so much a pothole as a ravine.



An outfit by the name of Angelfish Opinions are actually willing to pay you money to tell them what you think of Wirral Council. So are they paying you your own money back to tell them how Wirral Council waste your money in the first place? If so claim your rebate now! This is from their Facebook page : Angelfish Opinions Facebook


We are looking for people who live in Wirral aged 20+ to attend an interactive 90 minute group workshop to share your ideas and views on the councils public services.

The workshop will take place on Thursday 24th May at either 6pm – 7:30pm or 8pm – 9:30pm and as a thank you for your time you will recieve £30 in cash at the venue.

To register your interest, please apply using the link below:

Don’t forget to refer friends and family for the chance to receive £10 Love2Shop per successful referral that takes part!

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Return the Gift


Love 2 Shop

Please can I buy evenings and weekends ?….

There certainly seems to be more life in the ‘Passport for Life’ saga than there is in the now defunct ‘Passport for Life’ long service award itself which has been withdrawn from ex-Wirral Council employees who had more than 25 years service.


Apparently the original offer to former Council employees involved three choices…

•       Love2Shop Gift Card (vouchers)
•       A cheque to the full value of the award (less statutory deductions)
•       A ‘Passport for Life’

Whilst we would have thought a lifetime’s worth  of counselling would be more appropriate for those who’d spent a quarter of a century working for Wirral Council it is not clear how  ‘A Passport for Life’  is able to become ‘A Passport for as Long as Wirral Council Feels Like It” . We  would suggest that unless there was something in the terms and conditions when the ‘Passport for Life’ was magnanimously “gifted”  that Wirral Council could be on dodgy legal ground . So no change there then!.

We’re just wondering whether those who chose the vouchers are being asked to traipse back to some of the dreariest shops on the high street to return their gifts?. Or those who trousered the cheque will be asked to empty their pockets and look down the back of the sofa to help out the cash-strapped Council?.

We think it is a salutary lesson for all those Wirral Council staff past and present who ever thought they were valued as public servants. It seems to use that they’re rather like their “free” gifts  – an economic unit and a disposable commodity.

Once again the back of a fagpacket financial planning which also characterised the Girtrell Court closure proposal seems to be at work during the making of this decision.

The faulty logic behind the projected £100,000 “saving” seems to be concomitant on 400+ former employees turning round and saying :

We hear our loyal and generous former employer is having financial problems . So we don’t mind chipping in £15 a month out of our pensions to make sure Wirral Council can make up the shortfall caused by the Wallasey Town Hall petty cash thief or to enable them to pay-off another failure of a senior manager or to enable council officials to fly off to some far flung destination on a wing and a prayer. 

What also hasn’t been factored into the projected “saving” is the administration costs, officer time and reputational damage.  We understand that a letter is due from one of the Super-Duper Directors clarifying the long service award situation now that they’ve returned from their holidays!. They just don’t get it do they?.

We look forward to receiving a copy and commenting on the tortuous explanation for this latest debacle.


Arse & elbow 007