Inspiral Carpets

Black & Gold

We knew it wouldn’t be long before one of you good people came up with the goods. Here’s a picture of the new carpet in the Wallasey Town Hall council chamber.

Is it just us or does it look like the last thing you see just before you blackout after drinking Sangria in the sun all afternoon ? Not that we’ve ever had a such a blackout you understand……

Whilst we understand the laying of the carpet is almost complete we don’t know, as yet ,how much the final bill is for the migraine -inducing black and gold swirls is ……although we’re sure one of you can find out!

Whatever the cost it’s like “walking on air”, apparently. Isn’t it truly inspirational  that in these times of austerity the council can find a few bob down the back of the sofa so that the Wirral power elite can tread softly on council taxpayers dreams?

Meanwhile rumours that the limo featured in the following video clip (appropriately titled ‘Black & Gold)  is the new Mayoral conveyance have been denied by a Wirral Council spokesperson who is reported to have said : ” Who do you think you are ? Know your place – you’re just here to pay the bills ……”