Fun with Fascism


Oh ja, they did!…

We admit to be being late to the (Nazi) party with this one. But we couldn’t help presenting you with this stocking filler brought to us by an appalled reader before we move on to our Wirral Leaks ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ Special :

It has been brought to my attention by a very upset /disgusted couple who bought tickets to attend a concert ‘Then and Now commemorating 100 years since WW1’

The charity evening held at Wallasey Town Hall was to raise funds for the Mayor’s Charities on Friday 30th November.

Apparently the evening included the comperes (2) wearing Swastikas and performing Nazi salutes, and wearing Hitler moustaches, all part of the elderly  comperes’ ‘comedy routine’

I am told the event was organised for the Mayor & Mayoress by 2 members of the Wirral Conservative party Sheila Clarke and Cherry Povall* ( one a current councillor and the other a past councillor) why would anyone find this blatant distasteful act acceptable.

My source also said the sound system broke down, and in their opinion the evening was poorly executed/organised.
Also in attendance (as guests one would assume) were the Deputy Lord-Lieutenant, and Mayors from other areas, heaven only knows what they thought.
This person also informed me that high ranking TA (Territorial Army) personnel were in attendance and I am sure they must have been very upset, disturbed and embarrassed at this clear display of fascism! Fascism is never funny in my opinion.
*who we’ve been since informed were allegedly responsible for ‘organising food’ only 
We can only disagree on one point and that is that in the right hands satire and bad taste can be a good thing when it comes to undermining fascism. Let’s face it – it’s our stock in trade.Think Charlie Chaplin’s ‘The Great Dictator’ or Mel Brook’s ‘The Producers’. Otherwise it’s Prince Harry in Nazi drag or that ‘situation comedy’ abomination ‘Heil,Honey I’m Home’  – crass ,embarrassing  and WTF were they thinking!?
But then Wallasey Town Hall is well used to harbouring right wing fanatics – it’s just a shame that most of them seem to be in charge of the local Labour Party!