Procuring the Procurer



It didn’t take a Sherlock Holmes or even a Jessica Fletcher to work out who today’s mystery departee from Wirral Council was :

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 22.52.04

That’s a curious description on his Linked In page as Sherlock was responsible for  ‘Asset Management’  and ‘Procurement’ at Wirral Council during which time he got to know a lot of contractors who were used by Wirral Council. Now that he is the lucky recipient of a nice early retirement package it would appear that there could be a lucrative hook up for Sherlock in his new role as,yes, you guessed it, a ‘consultant’.  So, by the looks of it his Linked In page will need updating as his ‘retirement’ will be very brief.

Apparently he was asked today at his farewell bash at the Town Hall what were his plans for ‘retirement’ to which he replied :

“No, no still going to work… doing two days a week working for Mac Roofing as a consultant 2 days a week working for Metro as a consultant …” 

Could this be the same Mac Roofing that Sherlock gave this glowing reference which can be found on their website? I think we should be told!


When we recounted all this to a well placed source at Wirral Council they told us :

These two are both contractors to the council, both wishing to improve their stake in the share of the cash cow council . Metro provide our cleaning services and would be nice if we could squeeze others out to accommodate the new consultant . If the council had any balls they would call in a conflict if interest and monitor the situation as X is not without his friends within and they strategically placed to give the contracts out… and will.
Make no mistake people are aware of your post but never openly discussed , I and thousands more hate the back hand dealings where corporate governance is non-existent and employees can invoice with phoney tax numbers and what makes it worse , we are all cowards and sit back and watch and in some cases officials knowing the truth don’t highlight it. Doing the right thing is not doing the right thing in Wirral Council. 

Tab Ends and Trees – Rubbish on the Streets of Birkenhead

Grange Road

Picture : Mercury Press & Media

We understand from that customers at one of Birkenhead’s more interesting and sophisticated shops were witness to a rather unfortunate incident. From our description you will all know we are not talking about a shop in Grange Road and to all you readers who’ve been in touch about the Birkenhead Improvement District (BID) ‘s idea of what constitutes a Christmas tree we won’t disappoint you and let this other unfortunate incident pass without comment . It comes to something when a ‘newspaper’ better known for lowest common denominator stories and littering Merseytravel trains sees fit to feature  Birkenhead’s ,er ,’tree’. The comments in the Metro article are priceless but the most telling for us is from ‘Lesley Thompson, 52’

‘Awful, isn’t it? Says it all doesn’t it for Birkenhead now. There’s hardly any shops now are there?

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There isn’t even ‘a Christmas tree’ there now either as vandals have helped put the Meccano metal monstrosity out of it’s misery. Whilst we’re not advocating vandalism , perhaps it was for the best, as scrap metal outside an empty shop somehow doesn’t scream ‘the spirit of Christmas’ to us.

However back to our main story which concerns a customer who was merrily browsing the stock in the shop we mentioned at the start . What is then described to us as a ‘uniformed ‘WBC’ litter monitor’ came in to the shop and started harassing him for allegedly dropping a cigarette end on the pavement outside. Apparently as this was disturbing for other customers they were asked to stop arguing or take their argument outside. The customer stayed, the litter monitor left saying he would be calling the police and waited outside the shop with another ‘uniformed litter monitor’. When the customer claimed sanctuary in the shop and didn’t leave the ‘uniformed WBC litter monitor’  reluctantly got in their car and drove away. Whilst the customers were willing to accept that a discarded tab end is littering they were aghast at the belligerent tactics that were being used.

The shop owner was apparently unable to tell shocked customers whether the ‘WBC litter monitor’ was from Kingdom Security or whether they were being funded from the Birkenhead Improvement District  (BID) levy. If anyone knows the answer please let us know. All we can say is that we can only imagine that it’s hard enough getting customers in through the door without them being harassed when they get in…