U-Turn On Roundabout = Dead End

Dead end

Our further congratulations go to Leaky Awards winner Help Save Hamilton Square Birkenhead https://www.facebook.com/savehamiltonsquare/ as an increasingly desperate Wirral council sneak out the news on a bleak Friday afternoon in January that they’ve shelved their embarrassingly misconceived plan to turn the wondrous Hamilton Square into a not-so-merry-go-round.


We are proud to have published one of the earliest objections raised to the harebrained scheme from the ever eloquent Dr.Robert Smith https://wirralleaks.wordpress.com/2015/11/12/squaring-the-inner-circle/

We live in hope that this U-turn serves as a further example that a) Wirral Council do not know what they are doing and b) they are currently desperate to maintain their reputation at any cost.

The current administration appear to teetering on the precipice. As we have commented before they may have the electoral mandate but they don’t have the moral authority to run Wirral Council.Indeed we have our doubts that if Lyndale School were currently up for closure that Wirral Council would go through with it – massive capital receipt notwithstanding.

The increasingly desperate PR stunts point to a council in crisis and the results of that ridiculous MORI poll they published yesterday just reinforces our belief that this  council is all surface and no substance


MORI’s chief executive Ben Page said: “I’ve looked at 100 or so councils during 30 years in this job. Wirral is not in crisis, it is clearly on the road to improvement.”

We’d just like to say that we don’t need a poll of a tiny minority of the local population to tell us that Ben Page is a bloody fool who doesn’t live on Wirral !.