Tourist Trap : Return Visit


Following on from yesterdays post our well informed readers have passed on some suggestions  for Wirral tourist figures. As one of our sources says: “Almost died laughing at the figures – ‘plucked from cloud cuckoo land!”

Now let’s talk real figures and FACTS –

Wirral International Tennis tournament Ashton Park West Kirby ‘International event’ attracting Sky Sports and the BBC & regional!!- Average attendance  over 5 days 30,000
Wirral Show ‘Police figures’ – 200,000 over each weekend.
Battle of Atlantic – 270,000  throughout the event
Tall Ships – 250,000 during the weekend between Birkenhead and Liverpool
Kite Festival  – 20, 000 over the weekend
Hoylake Lifeboat Open Day – 20,000
Claremont Farm – 10/15,000 over the weekend
Parkgate Horse Trials – 15/20,000 over weekend
RYH Bob Cats – 25,0000 off New Brighton Coast
RYH Racing class 1 power boats – 20,000 over weekend
International Kite Festival – 15/20,000 over weekend
Beach Soccer at New Brighton  – 10, 000
New Brighton Rock with International stars eg Gloria Gaynor ticketed event – 12,000
Cricket matches at Wallasey Cricket Club with International players attendance  – 5000

So can some highly paid policy wonk at Wirral Council tell us what does go on now? And what are the real figures and revenue generated!? Juggy , where are you?