Defend Our NHS – 70th Birthday Celebrations


Dear friends of the NHS

YES, we are planning to celebrate 70 years of our fantastic NHS.

Join us and other friends for a picnic in the park on Saturday 30th June from 1.00pm in Vale Park, New Brighton.

All the details are below and the leaflet is above .

PLEASE display it AND share widely with colleagues, family and neighbours.

And, YES, we will celebrate again on the NHS’s actual birthday, Thursday 5th July, in Birkenhead. Full details of that evening’s social event (and papers for our AGM on the same evening) will follow next week.

BUT, no, we are not fooled by this weekend’s government NHS ‘giveaway’. Of course any new money is welcome but, apart from the other deceptions discussed widely in the media since the announcement, it hardly compensates for the actual cuts which have been forced on the NHS in recent years, nor for the continued pouring of billions annually open jaws of profiteers who continue to exploit the NHS, nor the ongoing sickening waste on the operation of the ‘health market’, nor the terrifying costs of social care… We could go on…

Till soon.

Best wishes from DONHS

PS Some of you will be travelling to London for the national demonstration on 30th June. Travel safely and have a great time. Shout and sing so loud that we can hear you.