Paving Over Prenton


The Green Party’s Chris Cooke has chosen an interesting time to become a councillor for the Prenton ward with plenty of controversial planning applications on the go.

We’d previously reported on the new housing estate to build on the former Pershore House school playing fields in The Great Wirral Land Grab .  Subsequently there have been controversial plans for  development on the site of the ‘The Dell’ pub which we’ll be reporting on another time. However at the forefront of local campaigners thoughts at the moment are plans for Prenton Golf Club .

Pegasus (agents for Prenton Golf Club) have put a leaflet through local residents door last week to attend a ‘drop-in session’ at Prenton Golf Club, Golf Links Rd on Thursday 9th May between 16:00 and 19:00.  

Action has been called for by ‘For Trees’ is required by 10th May

Please can you encourage as many people as possible to object to this planned development on Green Belt land, ancient woodlands and established ponds.
Link to the Wirral Borough Council planning Application APP/19/00501 is
 HERE. Please submit comments by 10th May.
The petition wording is as below; feel free to use this as a template for your objections;
We, the undersigned, object to the planning application number APP/19/00501.
Demolition of existing clubhouse building and the erection of a replacement clubhouse with adjacent plant
rooms and buggy/trolley stores and 4no driving range bays; reconfiguration of the existing golf course and
the erection of 22 dwellings, with associated parking at Prenton Golf Club, GOLF LINKS ROAD,
The grounds of the objection and the associated wider implications of such a proposal are as follows:-
 Housing density and loss of Greenbelt land in the immediate vicinity.
 The proximity of the proposal would seriously compromise the character and setting of Mountwood Conservation Area.
 Views of the site would invade the local landscape.
 It would totally obliterate the valued natural habitat of associated wildlife by destroying an ancient
Woodland and further notable trees protected by Wirral Borough Council ( TPO No. 395), together with the removal of two extensively and well-established pond areas.
 Send to :

Attached you will find a Neighbour Update Document’ with details of how to submit your objection either by post or online.
I have outlined below a ‘Sample Objection Letter’ that you can modify for your individual objections to this development.
Please reply if you need any further assistance and thank you for ensuring your voice is heard.

Best Regards

For Trees Team



House Name

                                                                                                XX Stanley Avenue

                                                                                                Higher Bebington


                                                                                                CH63 xxx       


Attention: Mr. Marc Wood

Senior Planning Officer

Environmental Services

Town Hall

Brighton Street


Wirral CH44 8ED                                                                   1ST May 2019

Dear Mr Wood

Prenton Golf Club – Wirral Borough Council Planning Application No. APP/19/00501

Demolition of existing clubhouse building and the erection of a replacement clubhouse with adjacent plant rooms and buggy/trolley stores and 4no driving range bays; reconfiguration of the existing golf course and the erection of 22 dwellings, with associated parking at Prenton Golf Club, GOLF LINKS ROAD, PRENTON, CH42 8LW.

I am writing in relation to the above-mentioned planning application no. APP/19/00501. I have reviewed the proposed development plans and I wish to register my objection.

The reason for my objections are outlined below:

1.      The proposed development constitutes inappropriate development on designated greenbelt land and will be harmful to the character and setting of the Mountwood Conservation Area.  It also proposes devastation of ancient woodlands and established ponds and the precious habitat.

2.       It infringes the local planning policies National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the Wirral Unitary Development Plan (UDP) in terms of, scale, density, design and impact to the green belt land and environment.

3.      It does not demonstrate ‘an effective use of land in meeting the need for homes and other uses while safeguarding and improving the environment and ensuring safe and healthy living conditions.  In addition, it fails to provide or demonstrate ‘very special circumstances’ required for approval.

4.      It does not consider wildlife in the area which may include potential breeding of great crested newts, roosting bats and other protected species.  There are no ‘very special circumstances’ that can justify the gross negative impact from the proposals, on the area or its assets.

5.      The new clubhouse plus peripheral buildings and associated parking are located in very close proximity to existing residential properties which form part of Mountwood Conservation Area. Therefore, the proposal does not meet the council requirements based on separation distances and accordingly the development will directly impact on the privacy of neighbouring properties.

6.      The proposed new residential area of 22 dwellings would directly and negatively impact on the current established residential area with loss of privacy and visual amenity due to the overbearing and domineering nature of the development. The proposed housing density is completely out of keeping with the existing properties, virtually doubling the number of residential properties in the immediate area.  It would pose a direct detrimental impact on the Mountwood Conservation area.

7.      Unacceptable noise pollution from the planned clubhouse location and outdoor social area to include an outside fire pit and terrace facilities. Objection to proposed licensed function rooms until 02:00 over the weekend. This contravenes the NPPF, NPSE 2010 & PPG 2014 that states that planning policies and decisions should contribute to and enhance the natural and local environment.

8.      Light pollution through the proposed location of the 128 parking spaces at the rear of Stanley Avenue with the related floodlighting and additional lighting surrounding the new clubhouse: These proposals do not meet the interest of residential amenity having regards to policy HS15 of the Wirral Unitary Development Plan.

9.      The new Clubhouse facility is planned to be built upon ancient woodlands and an established pond that has operated as natural drainage via several advantageously positioned ditches for many years.  This natural ground system has been able to deal with the water from the natural sand ridge above. Removing this landscape will increase the potential of water saturation and possible localised flooding. This phenomenon is already evident in this area and will inevitably be made much worse with this proposed car park and clubhouse development.

Can you, therefore please register my objection to this proposed Prenton Golf Club development.

Yours faithfully