Transport Trauma

                    Road to Nowhere
Last week there was a serious incident involving Wirral Council transport and a vulnerable young woman which needless to say the council want to hush up.
Fortunately for us there are there are enough people out there (including some of the Council’s own staff) who are more interested in public accountability than cover ups.
From what we understand the out of hours social care team raised concerns about a missing person with an external contracted transport provider. It transpired that this r transport company hadn’t been involved in transporting the vulnerable young woman that particular  day. Accordingly the social worker then got in touch with their own transport department . Fortunately there was one member of what remains of the council’s transport team in their depot. It was just as well as he found
a vulnerable young woman , who was meant to have been dropped off at the care home where she lives, still locked in the council vehicle.
The young woman had been locked in for TWO AND A HALF HOURS and when discovered was understandably in a very distressed state.  We can only hope she’s getting the care and attention that was so sadly lacking during this shocking incident. To add insult to injury we understand the incident caused amusement the next day to some council transport staff who were under the impression that what had happened was the responsibility of the external transport provider – until that is they were put straight by appalled care home staff.
Whilst we understand that people makes mistakes (although this could be better characterised as negligence)  we don’t want to point the finger at individuals but instead direct our questions once again towards the practices and culture of Wirral Council.
Whilst there was of course the usual rush to hush everything up , clearly news has filtered out and inevitably leads us to ask some pertinent questions such as :
  • Was there an escort/passenger assistant on the vehicle ? – and if not, why not? Wirral Council insist that their external contractors do so
  • Was there matter reported as a safeguarding issue in accordance with Wirral Council policy and procedures so that – dare we use the dreaded phrase – lessons will be learned?
  • What would have happened if an external transport provider had been responsible for such an incident?
  • What support has been provided to the victim of this incident and how do Wirral Council intend to remedy their negligence? – an apology? compensation? forget it never happened?…………

Road to NowhereRoad to NowhereRoad to NowhereRoad to Nowhere