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We’ve had some interesting feedback on our Wirral De-Evolution story
Not sure that even we can publish most of it as the responses were less than complimentary about some of the main protagonists behind this Darwinian DASS endeavour.
The comment that DASS Director Graham  Hodgepodge ” never comes out of his glass box and really seriously needs to grow a pair!” was probably the least critical comment we received.
However it seems that as ever there are more questions than answers when it comes to Wirral Council (and they wonder why there are so many Freedom of Information requests).
Here are a few questions we’ve been asked and in the name of public interest we’d be grateful if any of our readers could help clarify the following queries:
So how is this going to work then? How can all the senior staff on this project continue to work for the Council? 
Oh wait, here’s an idea. Why don’t we all get handsomely paid off or even better pensioned off, then finish on the Friday and start again on the Monday with the Social Enterprise on even more money.
I would also like to know if these jobs were advertised?
How are the Council going to get around the OJEU regulations for commissioning? Surely there is a conflict of interest!
Did you know the Finance Director of Wirral Evolutions is someone called Sandra Thomas ?- don’t you think it might be worth finding out whether she was involved in the cover up of financial abuse of disabled people by DASS ?.