Green Appeal

On and on the Green Belt protest goes. This time it is from either end of Wirral – from Eastham to Saughall Massie . Our sources comment :

Mindful of your interest in Wirral’s Green Belt I sent you the Eastham Village Conservation Area leaflet opposing the Council proposals which will effectively obliterate Eastham – one of Wirral’s oldest villages and a Conservation Area located in the green belt since 1974.   Saughall Massie which is the other Wirral Conservation Area likely to be swallowed up has produced something similar – see below.

Further to your stories on the Green Belt campaign.  2500 leaflets are being delivered in the Eastham Area over the weekend.  Eastham is just about as far from Wallasey Town Hall as you can get.   It often feels that we are being singled out for special treatment – of the adverse kind!

SAVE EASTHAM draft png

Furthermore a prominent observer at the Wirral South Constituency Meeting contacted us to give us this eyewitness report :

A large crowd of residents attended the Wirral South Constituency Meeting on the 4th October , the majority of whom came to question the councillors on the Green Belt plan. We had to wait for over two and a half hours while councillors faffed around and filibustered on procedural matters and trivia.
These people have still not got the message about the level of anger on the street. From several (guess which party) we got the usual pap about how, yes, they all wanted to protect the green belt…BUT… Then followed a patronising ramble about the planning complexities involved …which the peasants couldn’t possibly appreciate.
The response from the crowd was loud and negative. The public question and answer session was the last item on the agenda and only happened because the council officer present intervened to insist it began. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark…and Wirral.

Green Belt Saughall Massie Leaflet