Kingdom Consensus

The redoubtable Wirral Against The Litter Police (Kingdom Security) Facebook page is currently a meeting point/melting pot for interested parties seeking to expunge Kingdom Security from our shores and high streets and car parks and promenades and country parks and bus stations and …you get the drift …

All political denominations are there – look there’s the Lib Dems belatedly requisitioning a ‘Special Council meeting’…

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…and oh look over there , the 4 Labour CLPs are calling for Kingdom to be kicked to the kerb and elsewhere high flying Labour councillor Jo Bird offering her support…

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…and then there’s the Green Party reminding everyone that their sole councillor Pat Cleary  was the only one to vote against a motion where Wirral Council rejected criticism  of Kingdom’s conduct…

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…and of course there’s Tom ‘Media’ Houghton picking up the scraps promising write ups in the Echo and Globe (in that order obvs) and celebrity shop owners Sean Martin and Cathy Roberts brandishing their letters and sweet wrappers respectively and now mainstream media favourites. Ms Roberts also achieved what we consider the ultimate accolade in social media by appearing on the Angry People in Local Newspapers Facebook page.

Indeed we understand that the Fry’s Chocolate Orange wrapper , although not being the sweet wrapper that resulted in a threatened £300 fine, has its own agent and publicist and is in negotiations for a reality TV series.  Oh and there’s even  a link to Wirral Globe’s Granty’s Infernal column where there was no conflict of interest acknowledged but at least we got a passing mention…

Don’t get us wrong these are observations not criticisms .We’re celebrating both a growing political consensus and the tireless efforts of campaigners. Nor are we after bragging rights that Wirral Leaks first raised concerns about Kingdom way back in 2015. After all we are commentators not campaigners and our weapons of choice are sarcasm and satire.  However the point we want to make (and we do have one) is that much of Wirral  only get involved in local politics when something impacts on them directly – be it  being hassled on the street or issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice by Kingdom operatives. But remember whilst you may not always be interested in local politics ,  local politicians are always interested in you and involved in almost every aspect of your life…

Kingdom Comeuppance ? – Part 2


red email 2

More leaked emails from Wirral Council featuring correspondence between Liberty Antiques shop owner  Sean Martin and various councillors is most illuminating on the political machinations that are going on behind the scenes.

We’re confident that our campaigning friends at Wirral Against The Litter Police (Kingdom Security) understand the motives of a ‘Tory-Come-Lately’ or a ‘Labour Appeaser’ as clearly there is much political capital that can be made from the increasingly contentious situation in the run up to the local elections in May.

Our main concern is that the current ruling administration would rather stick with a highly unpopular course of action than be seen to cave in to public pressure . The same approach also applies to the plans for the Hoylake Golf Resort/Celtic Manor Resort and the publication of Wirral View.

This also seems to be the approach of Cllr Anita Leech , Wirral Council Cabinet Member for Environment about whom it is alleged knows nothing of Kingdom’s actions – which is simply either untrue or a failure of scrutiny. Although it must be said from other comments she’s alleged to have made at least she seems to be upfront about her motives – money for Wirral Council and political power for her party.

All we know is that the controversy surrounding Kingdom will run and run until  hopefully they are run out of town…

Liberty Antiques <> Thu, Feb 14, 12:10 AM  to all Wirral councillors

Good morning all Wirral Councillors I received a call today from a small business owner in Pensby who had just received a £300 fine from Kingdom. This is what he said to me: “I feel that Wirral Council have given someone the authority to enter our premises and take £300 from our till and there is nothing I can do about it” As an elected councillor whose job it is to serve the public if you think what Kingdom are doing is right you have lost touch with reality and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Your views on this matter would be welcomed

Kind Regards Sean Martin

Ellis, Gerry (Councillor) Thu, Feb 14, 8:34 PM

Dear Mr Martin

Thanks for the copy of your message to councillors. I totally agree with you. It was a discrace (sic) for Kingdom to behave in the way they did. However, I understand that our Cabinet Member responsible for Waste was not aware of Kingdom’s actions and she has now ordered them to cease the practise until council officers have investigated what is going on and reviewed the policy.

With best wishes  Councillor Gerry Ellis Hoylake & Meols Ward 

Liberty Antiques < Thu, Feb 14, 8:58 PM  to Gerry Ellis

I am sorry sir but you are deluded if you think that. Her own constituents have been telling her for the last 4 weeks and she has been rude and dismissive with quotes such as “the council need the money” and “it’s either us or the tories so take your pick” . My local representatives Pat Hackett and Tony Jones have been canvassing her for the last 2 weeks without success. Pat Hackett actually asked her to come down to meet us and listen to our concerns and she ignored his request

I stand over my beliefs

Kind Regards SEAN —

Wirral Council and Kingdom Security – Further Liberties


red email 2

As a follow up to our Wirral Council and Kingdom Security – Taking a Liberty  story we bring you further developments as leaked emails reveal that after adverse social media coverage on here and elsewhere over last weekend there was an early Monday morning call at Liberty Antiques to visit – or should that be pacify? – Wallasey shop owner Sean Martin.

We understand Cllr Tony Jones and Cllr Pat Hackett were particularly keen to keep a lid on Mr Martin’s concerns about how Kingdom Security operate and what appears to be a punitive levy on small businesses masquerading as concerns for  business waste and the local environment.

You may remember the same thing happened with complaints about the glorified rubbish dump in Cleveland Street  – see our Tipping Point  story – where Cllr Brian Kenny rushed out to provide some soothing words to a complainant who had come to us out of sheer frustration at Wirral Council’s  indifference to his raising of concerns.

There’s a lesson to be learned here . If you want your concerns to be heard – forget about approaching a Wirral Council officer – just get what you have to say out there and get it out to as many people as you can and watch them come running…

Mr Martin writes to Cllr Tony Jones :  

Dear Tony,

Further to our meeting of Monday morning I have been made aware of the Wirral Council Enforcement Policy 2014 ( Amended 2016 ) It would appear to me that the fines being issued by Kingdom are illegal for several reasons as the way they operate is the complete opposite of the written Council Policy and I feel leaves Wirral Council open to litigtion from businesses targetted and fined by these vultures. In particular I am looking at 5.2 where it states “ensure that officers register any conflicts of interest to ensure that decisions made are fair and transparent” — As the more fines Kingdom issue the more money they get then this is a clear conflict as they are motivated to fine you, not educate you. Its the same with their staff, they get bonuses the more fines they issue so they are motivated to fine you, not educate you. Also of interest is 6.1 where it states the following: In assessing what enforcement action is necessary and proportionate, consideration will be given to:  The seriousness of compliance failure  The past performance of a business or individual  The current practice of a business or individual  The risks being controlled  Legal, official or professional guidance  Local priorities of the Council Again they clearly do not follow this policy as they fine 100% of the people they visit without any communication. Can you please advise if this written policy is still the council’s policy. If it is can you please advise who thought they had the authority to disregard it. If it was done without agreement of the council then that persons position is untenable. Can you also advise if the people employed by the council whose job it is to enforce business waste enforcement are still employed by the council or have they been sacked or moved to other positions as obviously the council have transferred their jobs to a private company. I am concerned that the council are trying to let this run out of steam and the public anger to die down so would appreciate if you could get back to me as soon as possible I will be writing to Jeremy Corbyn, Angela Eagle, Phil Davies, Mike Cockburn and other councillors and public servants regarding this same matter. Can I put on record with you that I am disappointed that the leader of the council Mr Davies and The Strategic Commissioner for Environment Mr Cockburn have not even had the manners to acknowledge my previous letters to them. However, I have received numerous emails and messages from other residents and businesses in this area advising me that they seem to completely ignore requests for help or information from their constituents so maybe I should not be surprised. I look forward to hearing from you Kindest Regards

Cllr Tony Jones, responds to Mr Martin and Cllr Pat Hackett

I am aware Pat is pursuing this with officers so will leave it with him for the time being but thanks for the information, can I suggest any future email are sent to both of us at the same time as it just makes sense. Will be in touch (or Pat will) as soon as we have more information.

Kind Regards

Cllr Tony Jones