Frankie Says The F Word



Never did we think we’d hear the F word pass the prim lips of Frank Field. But there he was on Sky News last week seemingly swearing like our butler Eldritch.

According to Sky News website the phrase he used was ” f*cking arseholes” and no he wasn’t referring to those errant Wirral councillors who he has to constantly get out of the doo-doo. However lip readers have informed us he may actually have said “effing arseholes” (which is somehow worse).

The Birkenhead MP and Chair of the House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee said he wanted to invite the current bad boy of the business world “Sir” Philip Green to answer questions about the collapse of  BHS. However Frankenfield realised that not only did he have no actual authority to summon the serial model botherer to account but that “Sir” Philip was not impressed by being called to the Court of St.Frank and had responded by being less than complimentary about the MPs on the Committee.

However it seems that Frankenfield has once again demonstrated his flair for dramatic effect as it was actually reported in the Frank Field Newsletter aka The Daily Mail that :

A friend (of “Sir” Philip Green) told the Mail last month: ‘Frank Field is behaving like a complete a***hole, and Philip has no intention of appearing before his stupid committee.He hasn’t committed a crime, isn’t running away from anything and he’s perfectly willing to help find a solution to the BHS pension fund’s problems. So it’s laughable to say he ought to be stuck in front of some sort of inquiry. He’s not about to be strong-armed by a load of t****r MPs’

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So exactly what was Frankenfield playing at dropping the F-bomb?. Judging by his half-suppressed laughter it seems Frankenfield was getting some kind of vicarious thrill by startling the Sky News presenter. This came across as somewhat like a small child using “naughty words” in front of grandma.Yes  Frank , very statesmanlike.

Having said all that after the antics of both leading political parties the past few weeks we have to say that Frankenfield’s choice of words is probably the most apt description we’ve heard to currently describe most politicians in Westminster Village and indeed most of the local politicians now pounding the streets of Wirral after your vote.