Christmas Day in the Control Room


Inspired by  Christmas Day in the Call Centre one of our many aggrieved contributors has kindly provided us with a seasonal , if dark , insight into the Wirral Council control room that is worthy of The Brothers Grimm. Read it and weep ( yet again).

It serves to reinforce our belief that Wirral Leaks serves a repository for all those people who said “NO”. The good people of the world who know the difference between right and wrong , refuse to be chess pieces and can’t be bought like chattels:

After your report on Massive Asif call centre Christmas this is a little insight into the councils still fully operational control room after the supposed closure of 2014.

5 cover staff on the same pay band as former staff doing 40% less duties as you can imagine the mood is quite festive and cheery with staff enjoying many shifts on overtime rate as the new year approaches and the rustling of sweet wrappers at the bottom of the office Quality street mix with the clunking of shoes discarded as feet are placed onto the once hectic work stations as the click of the kettle breaks the silence from the once over used telephones.
We all know those workstations have been overused on various weekends but even that was brought to a halt when the chauffeur was called back onto the road and Cindereaden wasn’t allowed there after 12.
The madness of the Christmas and New Year has gone replaced by nose picking,ball scratching and working out how much more overtime can be fitted in before the end of March.
The 40% eye in the sky is now embedded in the far away land of Bootle never to return, a ghost of Christmas past.
Happy Christmas all at Wirral Leaks
JKs Happy Elf


Control Freaks


Following on from our last post ” The Public and the Private” it is always a pleasure to publish the above serendipitous snapshot.As famed photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson would have it – the photographer did indeed capture a “decisive moment”.

Perhaps for this year’s advent calendar we should print it in all its tacky Technicolor glory.

However the main reason for revisiting this photograph is that we’ve received an eyewitness account of what happened in the aftermath of the historic publication of the casual rendezvous of 2 senior council officers in a public place presumably during the course of their public duties.

We’ve already heard the hysterical stories about the hissyfits and the threats to sue ( yeah – whatever) but what our eyewitness confirms to us that the council reaction made “The Most Improved Council in Britain” seem more like ” The Keystone Kops Meets the Last Days of the Roman Empire”.

Wallasey Town Hall – where slapstick meets sleazepit!.

As our eyewitness recounts :

” … thinking back a certain picture from New Brighton on Wirral Leaks caused a lot of fluster in the control room as the powers above at the time believed it was leaked from there, I was on duty when the red headed gang invaded the control room to inspect the recorded data I duly told them it was not us, but maybe the suspicion was enough at the highest level to get rid of the staff in case any other footage was caught on the 100 or so cameras?.We will never know as (the then Wirral Council CEO) Burgess ,who didn’t even know where the control room was located or duties carried out, but apparently was very keen to get rid of it also left abruptly.”

100 or so cameras?.No wonder that Control Room boss John Kenny and Community Patrol Manager Mike Collins were able to escape with pay – offs from Wirral Council. They then immediately got a contract as “Atlas Security” with Wirral Council patrolling 40 Wirral schools previously held by Community Patrol by undercutting the prices THEY THEMSELVES SET whilst working for Wirral Council!.

Meanwhile to help them on their way the Wirral Chamber of Commerce magazine prints a full page spread promoting Atlas Security patrol and its contract with 40 Wirral schools.

And oh look –  there’s another picture of photogenic Kevin “Addled” Adderley (see above) at the grand opening of Atlas Security printed in the same magazine.


Are you beginning to understand how this shit works yet?

Subsequently if anyone requires CCTV footage from the Wirral CCTV system who do you contact  when Wirral Council passed control over to Merseyside Police in April 2014 closing the CCTV control room and making 11 people redundant?.
The answer to the above question is  !!!

Funnily enough some of the backstabbing staff deployed as control room operators have now titled themselves Central Control Room Officers.Excuse us but wasn’t that role made redundant ?
To cap it off a recent Freedom of Information asked if the redeployed officers were carrying out over 70% of the previous employees duties.The request was met with a very firm rebuttal .Excuse us again but why are the opportunistic Quislings paid at the same grade as the staff that Wirral Council made redundant?.

Could it be the staff they made redundant knew too much of what was on those 100 or so cameras and the amateur hour snoopers with delusions of grandeur they appointed in their place are much safer bet ?.

Arrivals And Departures

Source A writes :

The cctv will be switched off as from the end of this month but the control room will still provide recorded images on disc for evidential purposes to Merseyside police and other agencies by appointment only! So if evidential data is required asap please get your crystal ball out and book an appointment before the crime happens. After the very silent and manufactured leaving of head honcho Jonny Kenny in their wisdom WBC are now employing staff from a yet unnamed agency to man the control room.

Eleven fully qualified and experienced staff replaced for a cheaper option, with outstanding contracts for alarm monitoring, key holding services,out of hours highways,out of hours emergencies and communication links for the community patrol service. The hiring of un-knowledgable and unqualified staff could have dire consequences for community patrol staffs health and safety and also damage the good professional image portrayed by the previous staff over the last twenty five years before they became unessential workers….

Source B writes :
Does anyone know what happened to the LS Lowry painting that used to hang in the office of a Mr Darley at Wirral Borough Council many years ago?…It seems that it disappeared from the office after Mr Darley left & has never been seen since. Does anyone also know just how many works of art at Wallasey Town Hall lying unsecured n the basement & just how much of those works of art have been stolen having been left scattered around like they were rubbish?